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Leased Space

Lease Management

The Division of Facilities Management is responsible for managing the budget and facilities leasing of building space for CDHS programs.   DFM currently manages 48 lease contracts for 153, 340 square feet of space costing over $2.5 million annually.  In addition, DFM manages 148,000 square feet in state-owned buildings leased to other Departments within the State as well as some outside agencies conducting similar types of work.


Please call the Lease Manager at (303) 866-7209 if you have questions regarding your current lease agreement, to request changes or adjustments that are necessary to be made to your leased space, or if your lease is expiring and a new lease will need to be negotiated.  Normal day-to-day coordination of the lease agreement with the building Property Manager is the responsibility of the program housed in the leased space.