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CDHS Vehicles


The Division of Facilities Management is responsible for the overall management of the DHS fleet vehicles consisting of 470 vehicles that travel almost 4 million miles and cost approximately $2.3 million per year.

Management of the fleet includes:

  • the development of Decision Item Budget Requests for the replacement of vehicles leased from the Department of Personnel and Administration, Division of State Fleet Management's program
  • the coordination for the receipt of these vehicles
  • coordination for the reporting of vehicle accidents and
  • the management of pool vehicles at Colorado Mental Health Institute-Fort Logan, Colorado Mental Health Institute-Pueblo and Grand Junction Regional Center.

Please contact the Fleet Manager at (303) 866-7209 if you have any questions regarding requesting a vehicle or accident reporting.

To reserve a CDHS motor pool vehicle, choose the Vehicle Reservation link on the left and call the number listed for one of the three agency motor pool locations. All drivers of DHS vehicles are responsible for checking over the vehicle to ensure that there is adequate fuel and no obvious safety problems.

Note that for vehicle breakdowns that occur away from one of our agencies, the vehicle operator will need to follow the procedures of Division of Fleet Management. The procedures and telephone numbers are kept in the vehicle, in the 'Blue Books'. These books provide information on towing services and repair authorization procedures. For additional information pick this link for the Division of State Fleet Management.