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Contract Rules, Forms, Templates and Checklists

Contract Rules, Forms, Templates and Checklists





Rules and Policies










Forms and Instructions


















Contract Wizard







Other Contract Document Templates








  • Performance Measures (Word)





Miscellaneous Contract Provisions




  •  HIPAA Business Associate Addendum for Contracts  (Word)


  • HIPAA Business Associate Addendum for Purchase Orders  (Word)


  •  HIPAA Business Associate Interagency MOU (Word)


  • HIPAA Statewide Confidentiality Agreement (Word)



  •  Interim Purchase Order Incorporation Provision (Word)


  •  Language for City and County of Denver Contracts (Word)


  •  Statement of Work Clauses (Word)






Contract Management System (CMS)/Colorado ARRA System (CAS)



  •  CDHS CMS User Manual (PDF)

















  •  Contract Submittal Checklist (Word)


  •  CMGT Reviewer Checklist (Word)


  •  Contract Monitoring and Administration Checklist (Word)



  •  Risk Assessment (Word)





Reference Information



  •  Prior Approvals List (Special Circumstance Procurements) (Word)


  •  Unit Acronyms (Word) 





Contract Manual