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Contracts Overview

Overview of the Contract Process



The procurement process begins when you recognize the need for a good or service.


Depending upon the type of procurement put in place, you must then develop a contract and negotiate the Statement of Work.


All contracts for the Department of Human Services include:


  • the body of the Contract
  • the General Provisions 
  • the Special Provisions 
  • the Statement of Work (usually as "Exhibit A") 
  • any additional necessary exhibits


You can contact Contract Management for assistance as you develop your contracts. Ask about the Contract Wizard , a tool developed by Contract Management to help you easily develop the body of your contracts.


After the contractor and the program have signed the contract, submit it to the Division of Contract Management along with all the necessary supplemental documentation. The Contract Submittal Checklist walks you through each document you need to submit to Contract Management, depending upon the type of contract transaction.


Contract Management reviews the contract to ensure that it meets with the requirements of the State Controller's Office. Contract Management helps the program make any corrections, if necessary, and then forwards the contract to the approvers at the State Controller's Office.


Feel free to contact your user group representative or your contract reviewer at Contract Management if you have any questions. Contract Management is happy to review drafts and advise you as you develop your contracts.