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CDHS Employees Remote Access

Applications - My-CDHS Portal    https://my-cdhs.state.co.us

My-CDHS web portal provides a secure web-based entry point for many CDHS resources and applications. Some applications will require you to download a small program called the Citrix Client onto the computer you use to access the portal.


Email Access - Google Mail   mail.google.com/a/state.co.us

Groupwise WebMail provides secure access to your CDHS email and calendar using a web browser. No other software is needed to read, create or send emails. You may need other programs like Microsoft Office to view attachments.


File Access - Microsoft's Unified Access Gateway "UAG" --   https://remote.cdhs.state.co.us

Microsoft UAG provides a secure way to remotely access network files through a web browser. You can access your files on your "H" (Home Directory) and "I" (Common Group) drives from anywhere via an Internet connection. You can download a copy of a file, modify it, then upload the new version. Additional instructions can be found here