Food Distribution Program
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DoD (Department of Defense)

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As part of an initiative by USDA to offer schools a wider variety of fresh produce the Department of Defense (DoD) Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program was created.  The DoD (Department of Defense) Program offers fresh fruits and vegetables to schools through the use of entitlement funds. Each year approved agencies decide how much of their entitlement budget they would like to divert to this program. Participation is voluntary. FreshPack Produce currently holds the DoD contract and delivers produce directly to schools. School Food Authorities (SFA) can order produce through an online ordering system called FFAVORS (Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Order Receipt System). 

Each time an order is made through the FFAVORS system, it is subtracted from the budgeted balance. The cost of delivery, in addition to a minimal DoD administrative fee, is included in the price of produce. SFAs will receive a receipt each time an order is delivered. Once funds are depleted, SFAs will be unable to continue ordering from their entitlement account.  However, they can continue to  place orders with Fresh Pack for purchase with local funds.   The minimum order per week is $105.00. SFAs can monitor balances in the FFAVORS system.


Because the DoD program offers only domestic fruits and vegetables, there are some limitations as to produce availability. Bananas, for example, are generally not an option through the DoD program because they are largely grown outside of the United States. Produce offered is seasonal so options will change throughout the year. A full catalog is located on the FFAVORS site and is updated weekly based on the seasonal availability of produce.


You may accessing the FFAVORS system by clicking here 


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