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CDHS Boards & Commissions Administration Resources


 Notice: Boards and Commissions is in the process of hiring a new staff person. Until further notice, please refer any questions and send board member appointment packets to Dee Martinez at dee.martinez@state.co.us and copy Saundra Beaird at Saundra.Beaird@state.co.us.

Welcome to the Boards and Commissions Administration Resources Web Page. The documents numbered 1 through 7 include all necessary information and forms to submit a complete packet for new board member appointments.


Boards with members appointed by the Governor:


  • Please refer applicants to the link to the Governor's Boards and Commissions Website to complete and submit an electronic application.
  • Print documents 1 through 5 and 7 to prepare your application packet for submission through clearance.


 Boards with members appointed by the Executive Director or other CDHS appointing authority:


  • Print documents 1 through 7 to prepare your application packet for submission through clearance.
  • Please provide applicants with document 6, the CDHS Boards and Commissions Application, to complete and submit directly to your Office.


If you would like us to do a pre-review of your packet before submitting it through clearance, we would be happy to do so.


Thank you for all you are doing to make CDHS' boards and commissions run smoothly and productively.


Staff Contact:

Jean McAllister




1.  Appointment Process Instructions 0514  

2.  Appointment Checklist 0514 

3.  Appointment Clearance Sheet 0514

4.  Recommendations for Appointment 0114

5.  Bicha Letterhead - Intranet (select CDHS-LH.doc or CDHS-LH.docx, depending on the version of Word you use) 

6.  CDHS Boards & Commissions Application

7.  Current Board Composition






Board Member Web-Based Training Video