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What is C-Stat?

CDHS has kicked off C-Stat, one of Director Bicha’s main strategic initiatives for 2012, which will provide some very exciting opportunities for all CDHS employees to help in achieving measurableresults in the performance of their programs.

C-Stat is a performance based analysis strategy that will allow every CDHS program to better focus on and improve performance outcomes. By identifying areas of focus, CDHS can determine what is working and what needs improvement. By measuring the impact of day-to-day efforts, we will be able to make more informed, collaborative decisions to align our efforts and resources to affect positive change.

Each Division within the Office of Behavioral Health, Children, Youth, & Families, Economic Security, and Long Term Care is collecting data to be examined on a monthly basis in C-Stat meetings.

Together, Executive Leadership along with the Office staff will analyze the data to identify both positive trends, and opportunities for improvement. Divisions will determine strategies for improvement and implement these strategies, while Executive Leadership will help to reduce barriers to the Divisions’ success.

C-Stat will move CDHS to an outcomes oriented and collaborative approach to affect change at every level. The goals are to collect timely data, increase transparency, conduct regular executive meetings to assess the effectiveness of the strategies, and to identify new performance measures, all in support of continuous quality improvement.

All Divisions within CDHS will be using C-Stat in one form or another. C-Stat will provide divisions and their employees with concrete data to be able to communicate with clients and accurately and consistently measure results. As C-Stat continues to develop, we will provide further updates. We welcome any feedback! For more information, please contact Ki'i Powell, Director of Performance Management at ki’i.powell@state.co.us or at 303-866-3929.

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