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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a records and reports check and a criminal background check?

A records and reports check is based on information gathered by county departments of human services and entered into the Trails database.  The information in the Trails database is not necessarily criminal information.  A "founded" case of abuse or neglect does not always result in an arrest or a criminal case but may be a flag for an organization that has strict policies regarding the care of vulnerable persons, such as children.

A criminal background check is specifically looking for an individual's record of arrest and the outcome of any criminal proceedings against the person.  The information is generally based on a fingerprint.

  • How is information placed into Trails database?

Each time a county worker investigates an allegation of child abuse or neglect, that information is placed into the Trails database.  County workers strive to obtain the best possible information they can.  Once the worker makes a decision regarding the outcome of a particular case, (e.g., founded, unfounded, inconclusive) that information is also placed into the Trails database.  The Records and Reports Unit searches the datebase for founded reports of abuse and/or neglect only.

  • What if my name is listed in the Trails database?

The Records and Reports Unit is only searching for the perpetrators of founded cases of abuse or neglect.  People may be listed in the Trails database for many reasons, such as being the reporter of abuse or neglect, but this would not prohibit your employment from an agency.

If you are listed in the Trails database as a perpetrator, you should have received a letter informing you of such a listing and any rights to appeal.  If you have questions regarding this you should contact the Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Appeals at 303-866-5063.

  • Can anyone request information on me?

No.  You would need to sign the Background Inquiry Form or the Waiver and Release section much be filled out in order for the results to be seen by another person.

  • Can my background check be expedited?

The Records and Reports section will only expedite Trails checks in the case of a life threatening situation or a disaster.  For example, if a person requires medical treatment for a life threatening illness or in the case of the victims of hurricane Katrina.