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Colorado Commission for Individuals Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

Welcome.  If you are looking for services for individuals who are blind or visually impaired, please click the Services and Program link on the left of this page.
You have entered the Colorado Commission for Individuals Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired (CCIBVI) Website. This Commission operated from 2007 through June 30, 2012. It no longer exists.
The General Assembly created the CCIBVI in 2007 through HB 07-1274, to make recommendations concerning the provision of services to aid individuals who are blind or visually impaired in Colorado. The Commission was initially appointed in 2008 and began meeting that year. In their four years of existence, the Commission met quarterly, studied and visited many programs that serve individuals who are blind or visually impaired; completed an electronic statewide needs assessment; supported accessible voting in Colorado; assisted state agencies in making state websites and documents more accessible to citizens with visual impairments including our statewide employment application, CDHS procurement documents and several applications for services documents; and completed four annual Reports.
The Commission Reports link, available on the left side of this page, allows you to access the Commission’s Reports for each year 2008 through their most recent report submitted in 2011. Their Reports include the Commission’s recommendations for improving services to and the quality of life of Colorado’s citizens who are blind or visually impaired.
In 2011, pursuant to statute, the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies completed a Sunset Review of the CCIBVI. Their Report, available through the Sunset Report link, recommended that the Commission be continued for five years. In January 2012, the Health and Environment Committee of the Colorado House of Representatives decided against continuing the Commission and for allowing it to sunset. As a result, CCIBVI ceased to exist on July 1, 2012.