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Financial SubPAC


FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Sub-PAC – Membership on the Financial Management Sub-PAC will include representation from each of the six regions and will be chaired by a member of PAC. Subject matter experts may include Field Audit, Accounting, Child Welfare, County Administration, Core Services, Child Care, Field Administration, TANF, IT, Training, and representatives from the Budget Office as needed. Financial Management Sub-PAC will discuss financial policy implications of current practice and determine whether alternative policies merit consideration by the PAC and the Executive Director. In addition, the Financial Management Sub-PAC will analyze financial implications to the state and county systems arising from submittals which are generated by other sub-PACs. The Financial Officers Group (FOG) is a standing committee reporting to this sub-PAC where issues are analyzed to determine financial implications to the system at large. Ad-hoc task groups may be created as needed.


Work Plan

Work Plan tied to CDHS Strategic Plan