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PAC Communication Plan


Communication Plan

Policy Advisory Committee (PAC),

Sub-Policy Advisory Committee (Sub-PAC) and

Task groups

REVISED November, 2010

PAC Communication Plan
PAC/SubPAC communications are facilitated through the PAC/County Community Website.
All communications, work papers, minutes, agendas, policy submittals, supporting documents, recommendations, membership, calendars will be located on the website.
To function optimally for the meetings that are overseen by the PAC/SubPAC process, communications need to be posted in time to be reviewed at the website, avoiding the need for numerous e-mails and “bootleg” copies of documents that are no longer current.
All PAC submittals, recommendations and related materials are due to the CDHS on or before 15th of the month. The PAC shall receive the PAC submittals, recommendations and related materials from CDHS on or before the 22nd of the month. Policy submittals, recommendations and related materials that are submitted timely as described above will be considered at the next PAC meeting held on the Thursday following the first Wednesday of the month. CDHS will post the materials on the website not later than Friday, before the next week’s PAC meeting.
Policy Issues
  1. Policy issues are brought to the PAC either by the Executive Director, through a member of the PAC or from a Sub-PAC Co-chair. County Directors must present policy issues to the appropriate Regional County Representative and use the prescribed form (Policy Submittal – Attachment 1) in order to have the PAC consider a new policy or to change an existing policy.   
  2. Regional PAC representatives will bring forward policy requests from the county directors in their respective region.
  3. CDHS PAC representatives will bring forth policy requests from CDHS staff or stakeholders.
  4. In order for the policy issue to be accepted the PAC must vote either to accept or deny.
  5. If the PAC denies, a written response to the requestor is completed. The response must include the denial reason or identify if more information is needed before a decision is made.
  6. If the PAC approves the policy issue to go forward:
    1. The PAC is making a recommendation to Executive Director or
    2. The PAC has determined that a Sub-PAC or multiple Sub-PACs will be assigned. The assignment shall be in written form via the Policy Submittal form and must include the following:
                                                              i.      Assigned Sub-PAC(s); if more than one Sub-PAC will designate a lead;
                                                            ii.      Description of the policy issue, and;
                                                          iii.      Accepted Date of Recommendation for PAC Review.
  1. Upon receipt of the written policy recommendation(s)form (Policy Recommendation – Attachment 2)  from the Sub-PAC(s) the PAC chair(s) will schedule a presentation from the Sub-PAC chair(s) if needed for a formal vote on either approving the recommendation or not. If the policy recommendation is approved, a written recommendation that shall include the minority opinion is sent to the Executive Director for approval (see Policy Recommendation form– Attachment 2) by the PAC chairs. 
  2. If the Executive Director approves/modifies the policy the PAC will determine next steps.
  1. The recommendation is not approved:
    1. (5) as described above is completed, and;
    2. A written explanation regarding why the recommendation did not go forward and if applicable what modification is needed to the policy.
c.      A written denial will be sent to the Sub-PAC.
Sub-PACs may receive information from any source for discussion at the Sub-PAC meeting for the purpose of determining whether or not it is a policy issue that the Sub-PAC will forward to the PAC. In other words, policy issues may come into the Sub-PAC first for discussion and then proceed to the PAC in accordance with the PAC section of this Communication Plan.
Steps for Policy Submittals from the PAC to the Sub-PAC:
1.     The Sub-PAC receives the policy assignment from the PAC. The Sub-PAC decides if they can make a policy recommendation without the need of a Task group. 
a.      The Sub-PAC completes the policy recommendation form and submits to the chairs of the PAC.
b.      The Sub-PAC assigns the policy issue to a Task group(s). The assignment shall be in written from (Policy Submittal form) and must include the following:
                                                              i.      Assigned Task group(s)
                                                            ii.      Description of the policy issue
                                                          iii.      Due date of the recommendation for Sub-PAC Review (Extension maybe requested see form.)
                                                           iv.      If more than one Sub-Pac is assigned the Lead Sub-PAC will consolidate the other Sub-PAC report and submit one report to the PAC
2.     Upon receipt of the written policy recommendation(s) report from the Task group(s) the Sub-PAC chair(s) will schedule a presentation from the Task group chair(s) if needed for a formal vote on either recommending the policy go forward to the PAC or if the Sub-PAC determines additional information or clarification is needed from the Task group in order to submit to the PAC.
a.      If additional information or clarification is needed a written explanation outlining the specific concerns/clarification shall be sent to the Task group chairs. Included in the written notice shall be the expected date of completion.
3.   Sub-PACs will require updates from the Task Group. It will be at the discretion of the Sub-PACs Co-Chairs to determine how the update shall occur, i.e. formal presentation, written report or minutes.
Steps for Policy Submittals from the Sub-PAC to the PAC:
Refer to the PAC section (pg. 1) steps 1 through 9
Task Groups
1.      The task groups will review the written assignment and will determine the necessary steps that need to be completed in order to complete the assignment.
2.      Upon completion of the assignment the Task group(s) will complete the written report form. If more than one Task group is involved the Sub-Pac will assign a Lead and the chairs of that Task group will be responsible for consolidating the written reports.
3.      Written reports shall be submitted to the Sub-PAC Chairs no later than the expected date assigned by the Sub-PAC. If an extension is required this must be submitted in writing to the Sub-Pac Chair.
Web Site
1.      A CDHS-facilitated internet website will be used for communication with the PAC, SubPACs, CSSDA, CCI and task groups. The website address is www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/CDHS-Emp/CBON/1251590897127. Site maintenance is managed through Field Administration. Site administration for State users will be managed by CDHS Field Administration. Site administration for County staff will be by a representative of CSSDA.
2.      The CDHS PAC/SubPAC website will be the forum for membership, master calendar, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, rule reviews, policy reviews and other materials as shall be approved by the PAC.
3.      Documents posted to the CDHS PAC/SubPAC website will be published in PDF format, whenever practical, and will contain header/footer information designating the document title, date and document office/file manager e-mail address as well as designation whether the document is draft or final.
4.      Documents will be reviewed for currency and retention at least every 12 months.
Rule Review and Transmittal Letter Posting Process
1.      Location of the Rule Review Process. Initially, rule agendas will be posted in the “News” section of the home page and related documents will be posted under the relevant Sub-PAC category on the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) website. Transmittal Letters will be posted under the “Technical” tab. A list under the “News” section will indicate that there are new documents. This process will be updated after July 1, 2009, when additional programming changes will occur. It is anticipated that tabs will be added for “Pending Rules” and “Transmittal Letters.” 
2.      Responsibility for Administering the Rule Review Process. State program staff drafts the rules. The State Board of Human Services (SBHS) staff will prepare the final, official rule revisions as adopted by the State Board of Human Services.  SBHS staff will post monthly agendas and related documents to the PAC Community Website. An automatic e-mail notification of new rules will be sent to all PAC Bulletin Board subscribers (includes county directors, PAC and Sub-PAC members). Only rules appearing on the up-coming SBHS agenda will be posted on the site.
3.      Process.
a.      Rule authors must contact Sub-PAC co-chairs to get on the agenda to present the initial rule. Draft rules may be circulated to the Sub-PAC members by rule authors. The rule author may be asked to come back to a Sub-PAC meeting if there are subsequent questions and changes.
Sub-PAC may:
·        Recommend changes
·        Discuss further
·        Agree
·        Agree to disagree
b.      It is the responsibility of the PAC Community Website members (Sub-PAC and/or county director) to review and provide written comments to the rule author. Written comments to the rule by any of the CDHS/County PAC Community Website users may be accomplished utilizing the form template posted in the Technical Library of the website (Rule Review Process – Attachment 3).
c.       It is the responsibility of the rule author to review the comments and decide if the suggested change can/should be incorporated into the rule package.
d.      CDHS program staff (rule author) will attach written feedback (Sub Pac Rule Review Process format) to the rule package for Human Services Board review.
e.      Rules/revisions will be presented to the State Board of Human Services by CDHS staff. CDHS staff will include feedback to the SBHS rule package produced as a result of this rule review process. This process does not negate the possibility of either individual or groups of county representatives/stakeholders from testifying at the SBHS.
f.        Transmittal Letters will be posted on the PAC Community website upon completion and will remain on the site for 12 months. 
g.      SBHS staff will issue an Agency Letter informing county staff of the fact that rules and transmittal letters may be found on the site.
SUBPAC Rule Review Process
Sponsor/Office with Primary Responsibility (OPR):
Date Presented to SubPAC:
(Name and E-mail)
Returned to sponsor: