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Mandates and Guidance


Mandates and Guidance:

The Audit Division is responsible for monitoring Federal and State funds to ensure that the awards are used for authorized purposes in compliance with laws, rules and regulations, and grant provisions. Auditors comply with AICPA, GAO, and IIA professional standards while performing audits.


  • Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars, in particular OMB Circular A-133
  • Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 45, Volume 1, Part 92, Section 26
  • Sections 24-17-101 and 102, and 26-1-109 and 111, C.R.S.
  • Finance and Accounting Rules (Volume V)
  • CDHS Rules and Regulations, Policies and Procedures, Agency Letters, and other guidance  


Federal and State Mandates and Directives 


Report Fraud 1-877-934-6361 CDHS Audit Division 4126 S Knox Ct, Denver, Colorado 80236