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Foster Care Home Review

The Foster Care Home Review (FCHR) Team conducts county department foster care home reviews with the specific purpose of evaluating how county departments operationalize their foster care programs and to determine whether or not certified foster care providers are in compliance with Volume VII Minimum Rules and Regulations. County department reviews include the following:
  • County reviews are held annually and are completed with 1-2 foster care home reviewers or the whole team. A randomized sample of provider files determines the number of county reviewers and the number of days the county review will be held, typically 2-3 days or a full week. Randomization of provider files is based on a 90 percent confidence level with a margin of error at 10 percent.  
  • Foster care home reviewers utilize Colorado Foster Care Monitoring Tools to monitor provider files and determine level of compliance. 
  • Pre-Conference and Exit Conferences are scheduled during foster care home reviews to provide county department representatives with information regarding how these reviews will be coordinated and preliminary tool results. Files must be complete at the start of the review. 
  • Interviews are held with the Human Services Director, Child Welfare Administrators, Foster Care Coordinators, Supervisors, Ongoing Child Protection Workers, and foster parents to evaluate program consistency and how practice and procedures impact them. 
  • Reconciliation meetings are held on-site with foster care coordinators/supervisors to review the preliminary findings on the monitoring tools, ensure accuracy, and to provide an overview of the providers’ files.
  • A preliminary report of the foster care home review is completed and sent to the county department within 15 business days. The county department has the opportunity to respond to the report and changes to the report may be implemented if inaccuracies are found. If the county department is in agreement with the preliminary report, the county department then has 60 days to respond to the items missing in the report that warrant some form of action. Actions items generally pertain to missing current documentation or follow-up SAFE addendums.
  • Once the documentation has been submitted to and approved by the lead reviewer, a closure letter related to the foster care home review is mailed to the county department.
  • Foster care home reviewers participate in regional and local foster care coordinator meetings and address any concerns brought forth by county departments.
  • Foster care home reviewers provide telephone and on-site technical assistance to county departments regarding the certification process, entering information into Trails, SAFE Family Assessments, and assist with the interpretation of Volume VII Rules and Regulations.