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Public Notification



These web pages serve as the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) public notification system for fatalities, near fatalities and egregious incidents of child maltreatment, as outlined in the Colorado Revised Statutes § 26-1-139.  


PLEASE NOTE: At the time of public notification, maltreatment of a child is suspected, but not confirmed. This initial notification only informs the public that CDHS has been notified about a qualifying incident for possible review. Whether the maltreatment is substantiated or unsubstantiated may not be known for minimum of 30 days and in some circumstances longer, as the county human services agency conducts an assessment of the allegations and the family.


If the allegations of fatal, near fatal, or egregious abuse or neglect are substantiated and the child and/or child’s family had previous involvement with a county Human Services agency during the prior three years, a review by the state Child Fatality Review Team (CFRT) will be initiated. The status of each report can be found in “Outcome of County Investigation” column on the public notification page. Until the assessment is complete, the report will be marked as “Pending.”.


Follow this link for a detailed outline of the CFRT Process Timeline.


Public Notifications: