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C-Stat Visitors Guide


C-Stat is a management discussion, focused on real–time data and performance goals. The parties in the discussion are the Office and Division staff along with the C-Stat Leadership Team.

The meetings are facilitated by the Executive Director, Reggie Bicha. Director Bicha will determine the order and direction that the meeting takes. He will start with a particular slide, begin to ask questions and then establish the course of the meeting from that point moving forward. His questions generally will be directed to the Office Director, but may also be directed to one of the division directors. Other members of the C-Stat Leadership Team are also invited to ask follow-up questions of the Office Director.

The Office Director stands at a podium in front of the C-Stat Room facing the C-Stat leadership team and is flanked by the division directors. On occasion, the Office Director will refer to division staff in the audience who might be able to answer questions at a more granular level. (Other than those rare occasions, the audience is not directly involved in the discussions.)

The Performance Management Division prepares the C-Stat PowerPoint slide deck.

Visitor Practices to Remember:

  • From June 24 – August 31, C-Stat meetings will be conducted at the Children’s Auditorium at the CDHS Fort Logan Campus, 4055 S. Lowell Blvd, Building KA.
  • The C-Stat Meeting Schedule is viewable online from the CDHS Home Page:  http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/CDHS-Emp/CBON/1251633445998
  • C-Stat meetings are scheduled in a regular rotation, but times & days are subject to change:

    - 1st Wednesday: Office of Community Access & Independence

    - 2nd Wednesday: Office of Behavioral Health

    - 3rd Wednesday: Office of Children, Youth, and Families

    - 4th Wednesday: Office of Economic Security

  • These are management level discussions, not public hearings. Those in the audience should be respectful of the process and keep any conversation to a minimum.
  • Entrance and exit should be through the door at the back of the room.
  • Restrooms are located in the hallway behind the elevators.
  • Copies of the PowerPoint slide deck are produced for the C-Stat Leadership Team, but are otherwise not reproduced for the audience.

If you are interested in attending the C-Stat meeting, please contact Ki'i Powell at ki’i.powell@state.co.us or at 303-866-3929. Please note, guests must RSVP ahead of time, as an escort is required to assist guests from the lobby.


C-Stat Visitor's Guide PDF