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JPB Victim Services


Juvenile Parole Board
Louanne Swanson (Griffith), Victim Services Coordinator
1575 Sherman Street, 7th Floor
Denver, Co  80203-1714
(303) 866-4975
1-888-809-0247 (outside the metro area)
Victim Services Brochure
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Victim Services Enrollment Form
Welcome to the Colorado Juvenile Parole Board
The Colorado Juvenile Parole Board members and staff understand that being victimized by a juvenile is traumatic and may have devastating consequences.  We also realize that commitment and parole of juvenile offenders can be confusing and intimidating for the victim.  The JPB is committed to assuring that your rights as a victim of juvenile crime are respected throughout the parole process.  The Juvenile Parole Board’s Victim Services Program is able to provide you with information regarding juvenile parole, notification of certain events that may occur during the juvenile’s term on parole (click on “critical stages” tab on the left), and the opportunity to be heard.
Victim Rights Amendment (VRA)
VRA Eligible Crimes
VRA Critical Stages
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Parole Hearing Attendance
The Parole Board members value your input.  We would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in the parole hearing, whether it be in writing, via video or telephone, or in person.  Please contact our Victim Services Coordinator for information, assistance and support in participating in the Juvenile offenders’ parole hearing.
Title 24 – Article 4.1, Part III
The intent of which is, “to assure that all victim of and witnesses to crime are honored and protected by law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and judges in a manner no less vigorous than the protection afforded criminal defendants.”
To view the full VRA click here: