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CDHS Fraud Policy and Training

The CDHS Audit Division has created a training program for the revised Fraud Policy.  Supervisors are responsible for making the training available to their staff who do not have computer access.  Copies of the presentation, certification quiz, and fraud policy are posted on this website for supervisors to print and distribute to staff without computer access.


CDHS Fraud Policy

CDHS Fraud Policy Presentation

CDHS Fraud Policy Quiz


Employees with computer access are encouraged to complete the training through our online training portal.  Please click here to take the training

Thank you for helping CDHS reduce, detect, and prevent fraud.  If you have any questions, please direct them to your supervisor or CDHS Audit Division staff. 

Please send completed quizzes to:


Colette Kreger

4126 S. Knox Court

Denver, CO 80236

Phone (303) 866-7333

Fax (303) 866-7332

email  colette.kreger@state.co.us