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Communicating, Filing Documents & Reviewing Case Files


CDHS Office of Appeals


Communicating with the Office of Appeals,

Filing Documents & Reviewing Your Case File


Responding to Questions

The Office of Appeals can respond to questions about the administrative hearing and Office of Appeals procedures.  Staff cannot provide legal advice or discuss the specifics of your case.  Communication is limited to assisting you with understanding the processes included in our notices, instructions and this website.  Parties to an appeal may call or schedule an appointment to talk with the Office of Appeals staff about these processes.  If the Office of Appeals finds that a face-to-face appointment is appropriate, the party and the Office of Appeals will arrange an appointment time during normal business hours at the Office of Appeals offices.  The Office of Appeals cannot accept drop-ins.  An appointment is required.


Filing Documents with the Office of Appeals

In order to ensure that the record is complete, parties need to communicate with the Office of Appeals in writing.  Your documents can be filed by mail, by fax or be dropped off in person.  We recommend filing by fax and that you call to confirm that the fax was received.  If you wish to drop off your documents, this must occur within normal business hours.  Staff will only retrieve your documents; staff will not be able to respond to your questions unless an appointment has been scheduled.  The Office of Appeals does not use e-mail to answer questions concerning appeals or allow for E-filing of motions, requests or other submissions.  It is the party’s responsibility to ensure that documents are received by this office by the due dates delineated in the notices and orders.  Postmark dates are not utilized.


Using a Representative & Updating Your Information

If the administrative record indicates that the party has a representative, such as an attorney, the Office of Appeals will send the Notice of Initial Decision and Initial Decision to the representative of record.  If a party obtains a new representative or if the party’s contact information or address changes, he/she is required to notify the Office of Appeals.  The Office of Appeals will ask a party to provide the Office of Appeals written permission to communicate with someone who is not the representative of record.


Translator/Interpreter Services & Other Accommodation

When an individual requests translator/interpreter or needs accommodation, those requests need to be made via telephone or in writing.  Such requests need to be made in a timely manner.  The Office of Appeals responds to these requests on a case-by-case basis and utilizes the Department’s Civil Rights Unit to assess whether an accommodation is warranted.


Reviewing Your Case File

The case file (the record) is open for inspection by the parties, including the State Department program area that oversees the subject matter of the appeal.  Permission to examine the record should be requested by contacting the Office of Appeals.  The Office of Appeals cannot accept drop-in requests.  An appointment is required.


The record must be reviewed at the Office of Appeals offices during normal business hours.  A record may not be removed for any purpose.  To ensure the integrity of the record, the member of Office of Appeals staff will be present during the review.  The staff person can respond to procedural questions but otherwise is instructed to not interact with the party.


For parties who have reviewed their case file and would like copies of certain documents, those documents can be identified at the time of the review and the Office of Appeals will make copies for you as discussed below. Individuals may also wish to contact their County Department or their opposing party for assistance of this nature as they may be more accessible and have different policies concerning the review and copying of materials.


Obtaining a Copy of a Document

While the Office of Appeals staff cannot screen and select documents on your behalf,we can review the record for a specific document and provide that to you.  As a public service we provide requesters up to twenty pages of copies at no charge; however, for larger or continued requests for information we charge .25 per page. This cost offsets the expense (staff time, paper and copy costs) associated with fulfilling your request. The cost is .50 per page if we have to review and redact the material. Redacting is the process of strikinginformation that is confidential and cannot be disclosed. If you would like to pay by check, checks can be written to the Colorado Department of Human Services.


Contact Information:


Office of Appeals

Colorado Department of Human Services

1575 Sherman Street, 1st Floor

Denver, CO  80203

FAX:            (303) 866-5024

Phone:            (303) 866-5063