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CDHS Policies


For employees looking to access the CDHS policy page it is on our intranet located here!


I. General Administration


1. CDHS Mission, Vision and Values


2. CDHS Code of Conduct  



2. Internal Administration


2.1 Data Retention and Management 


2.2 Standards and Procedures Manual for Rule Making 


2.3 Automobile Usage 


 2.4 Separation Notice - Repealed


2.5 Web Protocol - Repealed


2.6 See V. 3, Reimbursement for Travel Expenses


2.7 Fraud Prevention Policy


2.8 Protocol for Rule Reduction Review 

                                                 Rule Reduction Review Spreadsheet

2.9 Draft


2.10 Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) 


2.11 Use of Restraint and Seclusion  


II. Budget


1. Grant Submission Approval Process 


III. Facilities


1. Physical Plant - Repealed


2. Emergency Operations Plan 


3. Critical Incident - Repealed


4. Use of CDHS Facilities


5. Facility Modification by Base Operating Budgets 



IV. Field Services/Local Service Delivery--Currently No Policies



V. Financial


1. Fixed Assets 


2. Official Function Procedures 


3. Reimbursement of Travel Expenses 


4. Department of Human Services Timekeeping

      Timekeeping Procedures

      Timekeeping Fact Sheet


5. Non-Monetary Donations Report 


6. Organizational Membership and Dues 


7. Group Event System (GES) Card 


8. Petty Cash (including Gift Certificates and Gift Cards) 


9. Holiday Leave

Holiday Leave Procedures

Holiday Leave Fact Sheet


10. Personnel Time Reporting for Cost Allocation


VI. Employment and Regulatory Affairs


1. Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action


1.1 Employee Civil Rights 

 Employee Civil Rights Complaint Form


1.2  See VI 1.1 Employee Civil Rights 


1.3 Substance Abuse 


1.4 American with Disabilities Act for Employees 

Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form  


1.5 See VI 4.4, Workplace Environment


1.6 See VI 1.1, Employee Civil Rights


2. Employment Affairs


2.1 Appointing Authority 


2.2 Administrative Leave 

            Letter to Report Administrative Leave Use over 20 Days  

            Letter to Report End of Administrative Leave over 20 Days 


2.3 Conflict of Interest/Outside Employment  

Outside Employment Form 


2.4 Background Investigations Policy 


2.5 Not Approved


2.6 Ownership and Use of State Assets 


2.7 Alternate Work Schedules 

Flexplace Participation Agreement

Flexplace Employee Application

Flex Schedule Agreement Form (Word)

Flex Schedule Agreement Form (PDF) 

Flexible Work Safety Checklist 

Flexible Work Ergonomic Checklist


2.8 See VI 2.18, CDHS Compensation

2.9 Overtime Work Hours/Non-Exempt Employees

         Overtime Work Hours Fact Sheet

2.10 Employee Related Records 


2.11 Non-Disciplinary Separation after Exhaustion of all Accrued Leave 


2.12 Leave Sharing


2.13 Permanent Layoff Matrix **

* Update Pending - Updates will be made to reflect any changes made to the Personnel Rules on January 30, 2013.


2.14 Electronic Communications


2.15 Inclement Weather Policy


2.16 New Employee Orientation 


2.17 Family/Intimate Relationships as a Factor in Employment and Supervision 


2.18 CDHS Compensation 

  • Please go to the Human Resources Page, and click on the "Forms" tab to access the Compensation forms.


2.19 Employee Identification Numbers 

                            Confidentiality Agreement 


2.20 Resignation: Employee Separation from CDHS

Combined Notice of Resignation Form 


 2.21 Background Checks for CDHS Direct Care Employees Hired Prior to 7-1-99 - Repealed


2.22 Promoting a Professional Image 


2.23 Employee Organization Access 


2.24 Representation of State Employees 


2.25 Parental Academic Leave


2.26 Ensuring Client Civil Rights 


2.27 Internal Investigations


3. Risk Management


3.1 Risk Management 


3.2 Safety Program 


3.3 Plant Technology and Safety Management (PTSM) Accreditation Series 


3.4 Workers' Compensation 


3.5 Workplace Violence, and Domestic Violence Affecting the Workplace 

Workplace Violence Incident Reporting Form


3.6 Transitional Duty Program 


4. Staff Development


4.1 Staff Development Program 


4.2 See VI 2.16, New Employee Orientation


 4.3 Mediationa Program - Repealed


4.4 Workplace Environment


5. Legislative Unit


  5.1 Communication with Elected Public Officials



VII. Information Technology Services


Policies are maintained by IT.



VIII. Procurement

1. Contracts--Currently No Policies


2. Purchasing


2.1 Purchasing Card Program for Small Purchases 



IX. Self-Sufficiency--Currently No Policies



X. Child Welfare Services

 1. Cross-System Child Fatality Review - Repealed 


XI. Office of Adult Health and Rehabilitation Services


1. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division--Currently No Policies


2. Developmental Disabilities Services--Currently No Policies


3. Mental Health Services--Currently No Policies


4. Vocational Rehabilitation--Currently No Policies


5. Supportive Housing and Homeless Programs

 5.1 Departmental Housing and Homeless Policy - Repealed 


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