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Employment Affairs Staff Directory

North Central and Western District

 3520 W. Oxford Avenue

Denver, CO 80236


Human Resources

Brown, Jocelyn HR Specialist 303-866-7013
Bovey, Doreen Benefits Specialist 303-866-7131
Boyd, Nyle HR Director 303-866-7145
Davidson, Jessica HR Specialist Lead 303-866-7195
Esparza, Rosalie HR Technician 303-866-7113
Gerity, Patrick HR Specialist 303-866-7273
Gonzales, Naomi HR Technician 303-866-7123
Vacant HR Specialist 303-866-7023
Vacant HR Specialist 303-866-7103
Homer, Gregory HR Specialist Lead 303-866-7110
Vacant HR Specialist 303-866-7115
Johnson, Oretha Temporary Aide 303-866-7116
Vacant HR Technician 303-866-7117
Lebsack, Sheryl Benefits Specialist 303-866-7132
Mai, Jeannie Benefits Specialist 303-866-7184
Marshall, Peggy Benefits Technician 303-866-7133
Martinez, Lori HR Technician 303-866-7114
McCain, Jack HR Technician 303-866-7125
Vacant Administrative Assistant 303-866-7182
Miller, Christine HR Specialist 303-866-7264
Murphy, Morgan Training & Consulting 303-866-7171
Quintanar, Sandra Program Assistant 303-866-7121
Ridenour, Daryn HR Specialist 303-866-7404
Ryden, Romie HR Technician 303-866-7119
Stuber, Roxane HR Manager 303-866-7118
Vacant HR Technician 303-866-7101
Vacant HR Supervisor 303-866-7181
Employment Affairs Line 303-866-7639
Human Resources Fax: 303-866-7127
Benefits Fax: 303-866-7939



Center for Equal Opportunity and Risk Management

Vernon Jackson Manager 303-866-7129
Laura Koeneman Risk Manager 303-866-7124
Vacant Investigator 303-866-7130
Bonnie Sims Investigator 303-866-7645
Lauren Moody ADA Coordinator 303-866-7148
Center for Equal Opportunity and Risk Management Fax: 303-866-7108



Southern District

1600 W. 24th Street

Pueblo, CO 81003

Main Phone: 719-546-4611

Human Resources

Abeyta, Emory HR Specialist 719-546-4095
Whitney, Bernard HR Technician 719-546-4773
Boyer. Jane Benefits Specialist 719-546-4618
Cordova, Anthony Benefits Specialist 719-546-4684
Maddux, Eujeania Data Specialist 719-5464611
Genova, Justin Training & Consulting 719-546-4621
Vacant HR Technician 719-546-4622
Icenhower, Justin HR Specialist 719-546-4614
Mahoney, Candice HR Specialist 719-546-4053
Mora, Andrea HR Specialist Lead 719-546-4619
Rampa, Peggy HR Technician 719-546-4629
Ruiz, Kathy HR Specialist Lead 719-546-4615
Schmelzer, Nancy HR Manager 719-546-4613
Vincent, Cherie HR Technician 719-546-4616
Human Resources/Benefits Fax: 719-546-4627