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Background Investigation Unit

Background Investigation Unit, Records & Reports




Effective June 20, 2014


New Address:

3550 West Oxford Avenue

Denver, CO  80236


Please Note:  The fee for a Trails Background Check will decrease to $25, effective Friday, November 1, 2013.  Please share this information with coworkers and institutions that use Trails Background Checks.


Reason for Decrease:  While the number of requests for Trails Background Checks has continued to increase, by approximately 2,000 annually, over the last few years, CDHS has worked to create efficiencies. CDHS staff handling the requests has successfully managed the increased workload, resulting in cost savings and a related fee decrease for our stakeholders.  Many of these efficiencies resulted from the implementation of strategies identified through our “Lean” process review.  CDHS is very pleased to reduce the fee to stakeholders from $33 to $25 per person checked.


Basis for Fee:  The fee for the Trails Background Check pays for the costs to CDHS of providing services required by law.  These include child abuse and neglect dispute review, and the background investigations program related to Trails.  Please see Colorado Revised Statutes 19-3-313.5 and 12 Code of Colorado Regulations 2509 for specific authorization.


Thank you!


3550 West Oxford Avenue

Denver, CO  80236

(303) 866-4614


The Background Investigation Unit, Records and Reports Section, conducts checks into the Statewide Automated Child Welfare Database - Trails, for confirmed cases of child abuse or neglect.   This check is required by many agencies and licensed child care facilities on individuals wishing to foster or adopt a child or work in a child care related field.


This process starts wth the completion of either a Facility or Individual Inquiry form.  The form must be signed by the individual being screened.  The current cost for this check is $25.00 per form submitted.  Below, you may either print the form to complete or fillout online and then print to sign.  Instructions and sample forms are also available.


The Facility Inquiry form is to be used by all facilities licensed by CDHS, Division of Early Care and Learning.  Please ensure that only one license number is listed on the form and that it is the license number for the facility at which the indivudual primarily works.  This includes those employees who float between licensed facilities.   Instructions      PDF Format      Online Format      Sample Form


The Individual Inquiry form is required for those not licensed by CDHS, Division of Early Care and Learning such as ADAD, Mental Health, Youth Corrections, individuals, out-of-state requrests, etc.  In order for the information to be released directly to another individual or agency the Waiver and Authorization to Release Information section must be filled out and signed by the individual.   Instructions      PDF Format      Online Format      Sample Form


This check is not a criminal background check.  It only covers a check of founded cases of child abuse or neglect.  If you are a licensed facility, this check does not replace the criminal background check required for licensure, which begins with the submission of a completed fingerprint card to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI).  To learn more about the criminal background check please use the following link:  cbi.state.co.us/.


If you live outside the State of Colorado, but are required to complete this check in your state, you will need to submit the Individual Inquiry Form  with the Waiver of Authorization to Release Information section (if necessary) along with the $25.00 fee to:


CDHS Background Investigation Unit

3550 West Oxford Avenue

Denver, CO  80236