Citizen Complaints

DVP provides a process to file a complaint against a DVP-funded program per DVP Rule 12.200.7.  The DVP Rules and Citizen Complaint Procedures can be found on the DVP website at 


What is a DVP Citizen Complaint and why would you file one?

An individual can file a DVP Citizen Complaint if the individual is dissatisfied with services performed or denied by a DVP-funded program.  DVP may only take complaints about DVP-funded programs.  For a current list of DVP-funded programs, go to


DVP cannot provide immediate solutions to dissatisfaction with services performed or denied.  The role of DVP instead is to address concerns and make recommendations or requirements for program policy changes if necessary.


Who can file a DVP Citizen Complaint?

Any individual or organization can file a DVP Citizen Complaint.  It is not limited to clients or potential clients.


How to file a DVP Citizen Complaint:

DVP Citizen Complaints must be filed within 60 days of the event that lead to the complaint.  An individual or organization can complete the DVP Citizen Complaint Form and submit to DVP online, email to or via phone at 303-866-3408.  Be sure to fill out the form completely.  If you need assistance filling out the form, please contact DVP staff via email at or via phone at 303-866-3408.


If you are expecting DVP to share information about your complaint to a DVP-funded program, we ask that you also fill out the DVP Authorization to Release Information on your Complaint Form.  Additionally, the DVP-funded program will ask you to sign their program Release of Information in order to share your information with DVP.



Who gets my complaint?

Upon completion, send the Citizen Complaint Form to DVP:


  • Email Chelsea Baldwin at 
  • The US Postal Service and send to: 1575 Sherman Street, 2nd Floor, Denver, CO 80203
  • Deliver the form in person (NOTE: Please call 303-866-3150 at least 24 hours in advance to arrange a time to drop off the form as the Security Guard CANNOT accept any packages or envelopes.  Drop off may only occur Monday – Friday from 9-4pm.)