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Colorado Statewide Domestic Violence Resources and Programs

Could your state agency benefit from working with or coordinating with other state agencies?  There are many state agencies with programming that addresses domestic violence.  Below is list of those agencies in Colorado State Government.


Department of Personnel and Administration


Address Confidentiality Program 

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The Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) provides survivors of domestic violence, sexual offenses, and/or stalking with a legal substitute address for creating public records and interacting with all state and local government agencies. The program also provides participants with confidential mail forwarding and serves as the legal agent for service of process. These services are intended to prevent abusers from locating survivors through public records. Contact the ACP at: 303-866-2208 or


Colorado State Employees Assistance Program

The Colorado State Employees Assistance Program (C-SEAP) is a free and confidential program available to all State Government Employees.  Professional counselors are available statewide to provide domestic violence counseling, support, referral, and financial assistance as well as consultation for managers and supervisors regarding domestic violence situations. Contact: 303-866-4314. 



Colorado District Attorneys Council



EVAW Project

The Ending Violence Against Women (EVAW) Project of the Colorado District Attorneys Council provides multidisciplinary trainings on domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.  The EVAW Project supports a coordinated community response to violence against women.  Contact: 303-830-9115 or for a list of upcoming trainings, visit: 



Department of Human Services

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Division of Child Welfare

Domestic violence and child abuse intersect in many ways.  Contact the Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Welfare for more information. 

Office of Behavioral Health

The Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) is dedicated to strengthening the health, resiliency, and recovery of Coloradoans through quality and effective behavioral health prevention, intervention and treatment.  OBH supports a whole health approach to all individuals seeking services, including domestic violence offenders. Many providers of substance use disorder services are also approved domestic violence providers due to the link between the two. 


Substance Use Disorder Treatment programs directory:


 Child Support Services 

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The Child Support Enforcement has the ability to keep personal information confidential if a client has concerns for their safety. The Non-Disclosure Indicator (NDI) keeps personal information from being displayed on court documents and can be requested anytime during the life of a case.  Contact: Mary Clair at 303-866-4455 or  


Domestic Violence Program


The Domestic Violence Program (DVP) is responsible for serving as the state government authority on domestic violence issue by providing leadership, guidance, and awareness within state government on domestic violence issues.   DVP is also responsible for administering funds to Colorado's domestic violence crisis centers.  Contact DVP Director Erin Mewhinney at 303-866-2855 or    



 University of Colorado, Denver

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The Center on Domestic Violence is an academic, research and service center based within the Universitys School of Public Affairs.  The Center seeks to end domestic violence by fostering institutional and social change through leadership development, education, research, and community collaboration.  Three primary goals define the work of the Center: 1) Develop skilled and informed leadership for the movement to end domestic violence; 2) Inform and empower domestic violence service providers, advocates, and policy makers through original research; and 3) Serve the community through direct services, training and technical assistance. Contact: Barbara Paradiso at




  Attorney General

The Criminal Justice Section in the Department of Law, in conjunction with the Appellate Division, provides statutory services to the crime victims in cases being prosecuted by the Attorney Generals Office and criminal cases on appeal.  One Victim Services Coordinator (VSC) provides case status notification, procedural information, referral, and court accompaniment to the Colorado Supreme Court and Court of Appeals for the Victim Assistance Project. The VSC maintains a close liaison with the states District Attorneys offices, and works cooperatively with the Department of Corrections, State Probation, and other corrections agencies. Contact:  Judy Page at 720-508-6000.


Department of Corrections 


The Colorado Department of Corrections (DOC) provides guidance regarding Domestic Violence and how it might affect an individual through Administrative Regulation 100-29, Violence in the Workplace. DOC employees, contract workers, and volunteers are encouraged to notify their appointing authority/designee if they are a protected party to a protection order. DOC employees, contract workers, and volunteers that disclose that they have been the victim of domestic violence will be made aware of the resources available, in order to assist them with safety planning, counseling, appropriate referrals and support services.



Department of Public Safety

Office of Victims Programs

The Office for Victims Programs (OVP) within the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice is committed to the physical and emotional recovery of crime victims and to the restoration of victims' confidence in the criminal justice system. OVP is responsible for funding crime victim assistance   and compensation programs including domestic violence programs throughout the state. OVP also handles all Victims Rights Act (VRA) crime victim complaints. OVP staff are available for training and collaboration. Contact: Rob Gallup 303-239-4529 or


Division of Criminal Justice

The Domestic Violence Offender Management Board (DVOMB) creates standards for offender treatment in Colorado and also approves the therapists that will provide that treatment.  Staff are available for training and collaboration. Contact:  Cheryl Davis at 303-239-4456 or


Colorado Bureau of Investigation

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The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is Colorado's primary State level law enforcement agency.  The CBI, among myriad other duties, investigates crimes at the request of local law enforcement agencies and other State agencies. The CBI is committed to investigating criminal acts of domestic violence.  Our motto is "Fighting Crime. Managing Information. Pursuing Justice.”   Contact: Agent-in-Charge Greg Sadar (Denver Major Crimes Unit, Colorado Bureau of Investigation) at 303-239-4211 or


Colorado Judicial Department

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Office of the State Court Administrator

Division of Probation Services

The Division of Probation Services is responsible for providing leadership, policy, training and technical assistance to Probation staff in the State of Colorado.  “Colorado Probation is Committed to Public Safety, Victim and Community Reparation through Offender Accountability, Skill and Competency Development and Services to the Communities of Colorado.” Contact: Jalice Vigil-Kelly, Administrator.