Frequently Asked Questions

This page has the most frequently asked questions for DVP.  Please be sure to check the For Funded Programs page or the DVP Administration Guide for more information.  If you still have questions, please contact DVP.

Monthly Reports

Q.     Would you like us to use a particular formula for average length of stay?


A.      To determine Average Length of Stay: Total number of nights of shelter / total number of exiting adults.


Q.     Just to clarify: there are no children/youth served or child/youth surveys on the Monthly Report?


A.      Correct, you do not need to provide any data regarding children on the Monthly Report.


Monthly versus Quarterly Reports

Q.     Are you only wanting the number of clients only and not other demographic information pertaining to those clients (age, race) on the Monthly Report?


A.      You do not need to report monthly on client demographics.  This information will be reported on in the Quarterly Report.


Q.     So, if we provide services to children, we count them on quarterly form, but not the monthly one?


A.      Correct, you will count children/youth quarterly only.  The monthly form is only for adult outcome data.


Q.     If we serve primarily residential clients, will we still being doing monthly reports on non-residential data? Or could we save for quarterly reporting?


A.      You will need to provide outcome data for residential and non-residential clients for the Monthly Report if your program provides both residential and non-residential services.   Additionally, you will need to provide data for residential and non-residential clients for the Quarterly Report.


Q.     Will the monthly and quarterly be separate forms every time - or will the quarterly include the monthly as well?


A.      There are two separate links for the Monthly and Quarterly Reports.


Data Collection

Q.     You say unduplicated adults.  What if we have a past victim that needs our services again? Does he/she count?


A.      The client would be considered new/unduplicated as of October 1, 2013 on both the Monthly and Quarterly Reports. If the client returns for the same services after that date, they will not be counted as a new/unduplicated client on the Monthly Report or the Quarterly Report (under Section 4: Client Type).  You can count number of advocacy/counseling sessions and group sessions for duplicate clients on the Quarterly Report (under Section 5: Client Contacts).


Q.     If a client enters and exits the shelter twice in the month, how would you like that recorded?


A.      For DVP reporting purposes, the client would only be counted as a new/unduplicated residential client the first time they enter shelter.  Additionally, you would count the client as exiting twice, but you would not be required to survey that person the second time they exit.


Q.     So how do you count someone who started services in one month but finished their third visit in a second month?


A.      The client would be counted as New/Unduplicated for the month they started the service for both the Monthly Report and the Quarterly Report.  You would then only count clients that finished their 3rd visit in the month they completed their 3rd visit on the Monthly Report.  For example, you had a client begin services in November; the client had a second meeting with an advocate in December; and then the client came in for a counseling session in January.  This means that you would count the client as new/unduplicated in November and count the client in the "Attended Three Meetings/Sessions" category in January.


Q.     Does this mean that we will be reporting both on the number of clients attending support group and the number that have attended at least 3 groups each month?


A.      No, you will only have to track the three sessions total for advocacy/individual counseling.  Groups need to be surveyed monthly – regardless of the number of sessions they have attended.  Group “contacts” will be counted on the Quarterly Report, but is reported by the TOTAL number of contacts.


Q.  One client could easily fit into several categories under Relationship Type.  Clients often struggle with only picking one of these.  How do we decide which to count if they are picking more than one?


A.      Encourage clients to pick one Relationship Type.  This should be the category that they MOST identify with (even if they feel that they would also fit into another category). 


Q.     We use some of the other survey questions for other grants - rights/options, etc.  Can we continue to use the other survey forms as long as the 2 FVPSA questions are always included?  This eliminates survivors having to complete multiple surveys.


A.      Yes, you can absolutely use which ever survey is most useful to your program as long as you are following the Data Collection Protocol and have the two FVPSA outcome measure questions on the survey. 


Q.     When are we supposed to survey groups?  Do we have to wait for a client to attend three group sessions?


A.      No, according the the DVP Data Collection Protocol, programs should survey groups once per month all group members who happen to be present. 

      Q.  We distributed more surveys to clients in shelter than have exited.

A.      DVP understands that there can be times when this may happen (for example, if you provide a survey to a client you think is leaving shelter who decides not to leave or providing a survey to a client on the last day of the month that leaves the first day of the next month).  Please provide DVP with this information in the Additional Information section of your Monthly Report.  If this information is not in that section, DVP will follow-up via email to the Data Report Contact for more information.


Q.     We distributed more surveys to clients in non-residential individual counseling/supportive services and advocacy than have had three meetings/sessions.


A.      DVP understands that there can be times when this may happen (for example, if you give a client a survey in the month after they had their third contact).  Please provide DVP with this information in the Additional Information section of your Monthly report.  If this information is not in that section, DVP will follow-up via email to the Data Report Contact for more information. 


Due Dates

      Q.     If the 20th falls on a weekend, do we submit the following business day?


A.      Yes, if the 20th is a weekend or holiday, submit the following business day.



Q.     Do we count people who volunteer at agency fundraisers?


A.      Yes, and please keep timesheets for these volunteers as well.


Q.     What if a potential volunteer trained and they did not become a volunteer?


A.      Do not count this person as a volunteer unless they actually serve the organization.  You can count them as a person attending a community education presentation.


Q.     If a "new" client comes to us for residential services, then exits and returns 3 months later for support group services, do we count them "new" again since they are coming for a different service?


A.      This is correct, this client would be considered new since they are coming for a different service.


DVP Client Complaints

Q.     Is it appropriate to make clients aware of DVP website as a way to contact DVP with complaints?


A.      Yes, the Citizen Complaint Form and Instructions will be posted on the website by October 1.  DVP is also looking for this information to be included on program grievance policies during site visits.


Back-up Documentation and Case Files

Q.     What if services, etc. are maintained in Alice? (regarding case file review at site visit)


A.      We would ask for a print out of the file, redact any identifying information and allow DVP to view.


Q.     Are the case files for both non-residential and residential clients?


A.      Yes, we ask for both residential and non-residential files during a site visit if the funded program provides both services.


Q.     What do you consider a safety plan?


A.      This is still a work in progress.  For now all we ask for is that your program documents that an advocate discussed safety planning with each client at minimum.  DVP does not currently have a formal requirement.   If sample safety plans are needed, DVP can provide tools.


Q.     Does it have to be a written safety plan?


A.      Not at this time, but this may change.


Q.     Would we need to change our client files if currently we track all client information (Both residential and non-residential) in one file?


A.      You do not have to change the way you keep the files.  Having one file for one client is okay.


Goals and Objectives

Q.     We had some program changes and need to modify our goals and objectives.  What should we do?


A.      Contact Brooke Ely-Milen or Chelsea Baldwin to discuss any changes to goals and objectives.


Q.     We are having trouble coming up with our goals and objectives.  What should we do?


A.      Contact the Vital Project for technical assistance in this area.


Q.     We were notified that our goals and objectives are not measurable.  What should we do?


A.      Contact the Vital Project for technical assistance in this area.



Q.     Our staff person who is 100% supported through DVP recently resigned and we need to payout unused vacation hours.  Although this was done on 9/30 (Fiscal Year 2012), can we charge the unused hours to our new fiscal year 2013 contract?


A.      No.  The current, FY 2013 contract can only support costs for the period October 1, 2012 – September 30, 2013. 


Q.     After a staff member recently resigned two other staff worked overtime to keep the program going.  Can we bill their hours to our DVP contract?


A.      Yes.  However, you may need to submit a budget revision and reallocate dollars originally intended for the vacant position to the other staff positions.


Q.     We use direct deposit for our payroll so we do not have copies of checks.  What other documents should we retain beside pay stubs and time sheets?


A.      Be sure that your timesheets show the number of hours billed to DVP for each pay period.  DVP may also request copies of quick books or other financial record keeping.