DVP operates under the guidance of two committees: the Advisory Committee and the Funding Recommendation Committee.  All members of the committees are persons knowledgeable in the field of domestic violence and are approved by the CDHS Executive Director or designee.


The DVP Advisory Committee provides insight, direction, and monitoring to DVP.  Membership in 2014 includes:


Mary Clair

CDHS, Child Support Enforcement

Randi Bretz

CDHS, Office of Children, Youth and Families

Kenya Lyons

CDPS, Division of Criminal Justice

Adam Evans

Project PAVE

Samantha Thomas

Domestic Violence Initiative

Amy Miller

Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Arianna Smith

VOA - Southwest Safehouse

Natalie Hicks Safehouse Denver
Trevor Wickersham Hilltop


The Advisory Committee meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 1575 Sherman Street (unless otherwise posted) from 1:30pm to 3:20pm.



The DVP Funding Recommendation Committee is responsible for reviewing all application for funding and making recommendations to CDHS for distribution of funds.  Membership in 2013 included:


Andrew Aldis

CDHS, Aging and Adult Services

Rich Batten

Public Strategies

Mary Patricia Bowen

Park County Sheriff's Office

Shannon Breitzman

CDPHE, Suicide and Violence Prevention Unit

Mary Clair

CDHS, Child Support Enforcement

John Cogley

Cogley & Associates

Elizabeth Collins

Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Rob Gallup

CDPS, Office for Victim Programs

Erin Jemison

Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Linda Johnston

CDAC, Ending Violence Against Women Project

Sterling Harris

Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance

Denise Kay

CBA, Domestic Violence: Make it Your Business Program

Alisa Marlatt

CDHS, Divison of Child Welfare

Andi Martin

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

Jean McAllister

CDHS, Divison of Boards and Commissions

Janet Mickish

CDHS, Colorado Works

Judy Page

Attorney General's Office

Ellen Stein Wallace

Denver DV Campaign

Ruth Ann Russell

Former CEO, Family Tree, Inc.

Lisa Teesch-Maguire

Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center

Ronnie Weiss

The Conflict Center