Colorado Department of Human Services

Colorado Works Basics

Core Worker Training


TANF Eligibility and introduction to Workforce Development, primarily for new workers or those who only have occasional TANF cases. Core Case Management Training which will consist of at least 3 parts.¬†We anticipate developing a certificate of completion for each. 

  1. Core Case Management: on demand, web based.  The goal is to present Case Managers with core information about case management and provide them an opportunity to build basic skills.  The modules will be approximately 20~40 minutes in length.  It is anticipated that there will be approximately 40 hours of on-demand modules.  We project that the modules will be available in August.  Some modules include:
    1. Technical fundamentals: Accessing CBMS and navigating case management screens
    2. Confidentiality: what is it and how to ensure it
    3. What is “self-sufficiency”
    4. Core Case Management: what is case management, what does a case manager do, and how do they do it
    5. Empowering Customers: how to work with customers to facilitate their becoming empowered to achieve economic stability and economic self-sufficiency
    6. Eligibility for Case Managers: basic information about eligibility so that case managers may work with customers to strategically build a path toward economic stability and self-sufficiency without going over the economic cliff
    7. Discovering manuals, handbooks, resources, etc., that will help both the case manager and the customer
    8. Comprehensive Collaborative Assessment: working with the customer to discover strengths, needs, goals, etc., as well as the influence of the customer’s family and community.
    9. Career Planning: how work with a customer to understand available options and supports needed and then to develop a flexible, strategic, benchmarked plan for an economically self-sufficient career
    10. Mandatory Reporting: basics of mandatory child abuse and elder abuse reporting
  2. In Person Education / Training.  The goal is to provide Case Managers with guided / facilitated opportunity to put into practice (build skills) the material covered in the web based education/training.  It is anticipated that the In Person segment will be approximately 3-5 days.  It will provide case managers with an opportunity to practice:
    1. Interviewing a new and ongoing customer
    2. Conducting a comprehensive collaborative assessment
    3. Career planning with a customer
    4. Working with a customer to develop an IRC, reviewing the IRC with a customer after a few weeks or months and working with the customer on a review of the customer’s plan and next steps
    5. Reviewing a customer’s RRR and working with the customer on a review of the customer’s plan and next steps
    6. Completing case management CBMS screens and adding to the customer’s paper file after each interaction with the customer.
  3. Supervisors / Managers.  Web-based and in person education/training will be developed that provides basic and advanced information and skills building to enhance the ability of supervisors and managers to support their case management staff.  All managers and supervisors are encouraged to complete the web based and in person education/training so they have a full understanding of what the case managers are learning.  Some topics include:
    1. Coaching
    2. Leading
    3. Building systems to effectively and efficiently address difficult issues (e.g., mandatory reporting, mental health, domestic violence)
    4. Constructing an environment, organizational culture, and system that encourages customers to become economically stable and self sufficient

    This course is unavailable at this time.  Please check back for future dates or email Dr. Jan Mickish at for further assistance.