Colorado Department of Human Services


Colorado Works is Colorado's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program and provides public assistance to families in need. Colorado Works Program is designed to assist customers in becoming self-sufficient by strengthening the economic and social stability of families.


Colorado Works staff stand behind their mission and vision, which directs them to become the "driving force that supports all Colorado families to become safe, stable, strong and self-sufficient." Colorado Works staff are charged with allocating the State's annual appropriation of federal block grant funds to the counties, monitoring county performance, submitting reports to the federal government, revising or drafting new policies and rules, and working with the General Assembly on legislative and fiscal initiatives.


Father and Daugher in City
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Colorado Works operates in all 64 counties, and is delivered locally through each county's department of human or social services. Each county department has the ability to determine how best to administer the program in their area, so long as it meets the minimum criteria set forth by the State. Among the options available to these departments is the flexibility to develop policies, implement procedures, and even contract for program functions with other providers in the region.