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SafeCare Colorado

As part of a group of cornerstone prevention programs included in Gov. Hickenlooper’s Child Welfare Plan "Keeping Kids Safe and Families Healthy 2.0” in 2013, SafeCare Colorado (SafeCareCO) offers pro-active in-home, voluntary services that support at-risk families in understanding the health, development and safety needs of young children.
A review of Colorado’s substantiated child abuse reports demonstrated that young children under age five are at the greatest risk for child abuse or neglect. In Colorado, many families are referred to the child welfare system and either screened out, or closed after assessment, without receiving services.

SafeCareCO gives counties the opportunity to provide services to families after child welfare involvement is closed to prevent future interactions with the child welfare system. Additionally, SafeCareCO gives counties the opportunity to provide services to families before they become part of the child welfare system, thereby preventing child maltreatment.


SafeCare is a nationally recognized, evidence-based, in-home program that provides direct skills training to parents in the areas of parenting, child safety, and child health. The parenting model was developed in 1979, and home visitors have been trained in at least 17 states and several countries. For more information about  this nationally recognized program visit  the National SafeCare Training Research Center.

Here in Colorado, SafeCare is offered as a voluntary, home visiting program for families who do not have current child welfare involvement. Over the next three years, SafeCareCO will be implemented in counties throughout Colorado, with the support of The Kempe Center. During this time, continuous evaluation and quality improvement will be conducted to learn more about Colorado’s unique culture and the need for SafeCareCO in Colorado communities.


SafeCareCO program targets families with children ages zero to five years.


SafeCareCO typically takes 16-19 sessions to complete (about 4-6 months) and each session lasts 1-1.5 hours.

SafeCareCO is delivered in the home by trained home visitors.


County child welfare departments, public health agencies and community partners such as family resource centers, WIC or TANF offices are encouraged to refer high-risk families to a local SafeCareCO site.
As a reminder, if you suspect child abuse or neglect, please call your local child abuse hotline, county social
services department or local law enforcement agency.


Denver County Human Services and Jefferson County Human Services have partnered with with Savio House to provide a SafeCare program for children and families in the City and County of Denver and Jefferson County.
SafeCare site contact: Amy Beery, MSW
Phone: 303.225.4185 Email: safecare@saviohouse.org
The Mesa County Health Department provides a SafeCare program for children and families in Mesa County. 

SafeCare site contact:  Felice Daniels, BSN, RN,
Phone: 970-260-2356 Email: safecare@mesacounty.us
The Montezuma County Public Health Department provides a SafeCare program for children and families in the Southwest Region including Archuleta, Dolores, La Plata, Montezuma, and San Juan counties, the Southern Ute Tribe and Ute Mountain Ute Tribe.
SafeCare site contact: Penny Johnson
Phone: 970-565-3056 ext. 239 Email: pjohnson@co.montezuma.co.us
Baby Bear Hugs provides a SafeCare program for children and families in the Northeast Region including Cheyenne, Elbert, Kit Carson, Lincoln, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick,
Washington, and Yuma counties.

SafeCare site contact: Maranda Miller
Phone: 970-848-5274 Email: safecare@babybearhugs.org


If you have any questions regarding SafeCare Colorado, please feel free to contact the following CDHS staff

Julia Blomberg, MS
SafeCare Colorado Administrator | Division of Child Welfare
O: 303-866-4291 | julia.blomberg@state.co.us