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Colorado Statewide Youth Development Plan Committee

With House Bill 2013-1239, the Colorado General Assembly mandated a comprehensive statewide youth development plan in order to quantify existing and needed services for youth ages 9-21 and to align existing limited resources to help promote positive youth development.

The charge of the Colorado Statewide Youth Development Plan Committee is to guide the completion of the youth development plan in accordance with the requirements of HB13-1239. Committee members represent a broad spectrum of disciplines with representatives of state government-funded youth services and programs, nonprofit statewide youth organizations, youth representatives, and county human services programs.

The plan must:

(i)    Identify initiatives and strategies, organizations, and gaps in coverage that impact youth development outcomes;
(ii)    Identify services, funding, and partnerships necessary to ensure that youth have the means and the social and emotional skills to successfully transition into adulthood;
(iii)    Determine what is necessary in terms of community involvement and development to ensure youth succeed;
(iv)    Develop an outline of youth service organizations based on, but not limited to, demographics, current services and capacity, and community involvement;
(v)    Identify successful youth development strategies nationally and in Colorado that could be replicated by community partners and entities across the state;
(vi)    Create a shared vision for how a strong youth development network would be shaped and measured; and
(vii)    Include a baseline measurement of youth activities, developed using available data and resources.

The Colorado Statewide Youth Development Plan is due to the Colorado General Assembly by September 30, 2014 and is required to be reviewed and update biennially.

Supplemental Material for the Colorado Statewide Youth Development Plan

State statute regarding the development of the Colorado Statewide Youth Development Plan required a review of data, initiatives, strategies, and gaps in services that impact youth development in Colorado. The findings of this review are presented in the following PDF documents and are based on information presented to the Colorado Statewide Youth Development Plan Committee and information collected from various sources, including state and federal government agencies.

Each file presents an overview of a specific issue regarding youth in Colorado, a brief overview of national and Colorado data related to the issue, the specific identified gaps and priorities, and proposed solutions. This is followed by additional information about agencies and/or organization that work on addressing the issues of the specific topics.

Juvenile Justice and Delinquency 9-24-14
Juvenile Probation 9-24-14
Motor Vehicle Safety and Youth 9-24-14
School Behavioral Health 9-23-14
School Safety 9-24-14
Suicide and Youth 9-24-14
Youth and Human Trafficking 9-24-14
Youth and Suicide Prevention 9-24-14
Youth Corrections 9-24-14
Youth Experiencing Homelessness 9-24-14
Youth In Foster Care 9-24-14
Youth in Transition 9-24-14
Youth Safety and Bystander 9-24-14
Youth With Behavioral Health Conditions 9-24-14
Youth with Disabilities-Readiness for Education and Employment 9-24-14


The Colorado Statewide Youth Development Plan Committee members are appointed by the Colorado Human Services Executive Director. Click HERE to download the membership list.

Regular information regarding this committee will be posted on this page such as meeting notices, agendas and communications.We encourage all concerned community stakeholders to get involved and provide input into the Colorado Statewide Youth Development Plan. If you are would like to subscribe to receive Colorado Statewide Youth Development Plan committee information simply email Katie.Facchinello@state.co.us.   


Visit the Child Welfare Committee and Groups menu to the left for information on other committees, subcommittees, and workgroups working together to improve services for Colorado children, youth and families. Meetings are open to all community partners. If you have any questions regarding this committee or plan on attending a meeting, please contact the following staff member:


José Esquibel, Director Interagency Prevention Systems for Children and Youth, O: 303-866-3956 | j.esquibel@state.co.us

Regular information regarding this committee will be posted on this page such as meeting notices, agendas and communications.