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Contact Division of Child Welfare Staff

Contact the Division of Child Welfare Staff
If you are unsure of which staff person to contact, please call our main phone number at 303-866-5932. We would be happy to help answer your questions and connect you with appropriate staff.

Click HERE to view and download the Division of Child Welfare organizational chart.

Division of Child Welfare Locations:

Colroado Department of Human Services
Division of Child Welfare
1575 Sherman Street
Denver, CO 80203

Colorado Department of Human Services
Division of Child Welfare  - 24 Hour Licensing and Monitoring Unit
3550 W. Oxford Ave. 3rd Floor
Denver, Colorado 80236

Division of Child Welfare Staff Contact List  
Main Number:     303-866-5932        
Fax Number:       303-866-5563        
Last Name First Name Program Area Phone Location Email
Albright Liz Training Academy Support 303-866-7192 Ft. Logan elizabeth.albright@state.co.us
Baca Johannah Provider Quality Specialist 303-866-7187 Ft. Logan johannah.baca@state.co.us
Barva Janean IV-E Specialist 303-866-6493 Denver janean.barva@state.co.us
Bellamy David Operations Team Support 303-866-6266 Denver david.bellamy@state.co.us
Berzinskas Jeannie Kinship Care 303-866-4617 Denver jeannie.berzinskas@state.co.us
Blomberg Julia SafeCare Program Administrator 303-866-4291 Denver julia.blomberg@state.co.us
Brant Brian Chafee Program Specialist 303-866-4539 Denver Brian.Brant@state.co.us
Burney Laurie 24 Hour Monitoring 303-805-0033 Parker Laurie.Burney@state.co.us
Butler Dianna Training Academy Support 303-866-5501 Denver dianna.tynes@state.co.us
Casey Dan 24 Hour Monitoring Supervisor 303-866-7170 Ft. Logan daniel.casey@state.co.us
Correa Frank FosterCare Certification Coordinator 303-866-7771 Ft. Logan frank.correa@state.co.us
Coulson Bob Adolescent Services 303-866-4706 Denver Bob.Coulson@state.co.us
Cowger Les Manager, Financial Unit 303-866-6480 Denver les.cowger@state.co.us
Cox Melinda Core Services/TANF/Budget 303-866-5962 Denver melinda.cox@state.co.us
Cunningham Jacqui Licensing 303-866-7174 Ft. Logan jacqui.cunningham@state.co.us
Dowler Sheri Red Team Specialist 303-866-3161   sheri.dowler@state.co.us
Duran-Wolfe Gerri IV-E Specialist 303-866-4587 Denver gerri.duran-wolfe@state.co.us
Elger Korey Ongoing Child Protection Administrator 303-866-5956 Denver korey.elger@state.co.us
Elgin Dallas Research Analyst 303-866-5563 Denver dallas.elgin@state.co.us
Estrick Cheryl Licensing 303-801-8681 Greeley cheryl.estrick@state.co.us
Esquibel Lucy 24-Hr Bkground Investigation Analyst 303-866-7172 Ft. Logan  
VACANT Vacant CPS Unit Manager 303-866-3258 Denver VACANT
Franzen Susan Trails Quality Assurance Data Analyst 303-866-5089 Denver susan.franzen@state.co.us
Gmerek Beverly Recruiting and Retention Specialist 303-866-5930 Denver beverly.gmerek@state.co.us
Goller Suzi Regional Training Specialist 303-866-4334 Denver suzi.goller@state.co.us
Griffin Mary Foster Care/Kinship 303-866-3546 Denver mary.griffin@state.co.us
Griffis Emma Tony Grampsas Youth Program Crdntr. 303-866-4115 Denver emma.griffis@state.co.us
Griffith-Jones Kristi Recruitment & Retention 303-866-4773 Denver kristi.griffith-jones@state.co.us
Harper Brandy Office Support 303-866-5397 Denver brandy.harper@state.co.us
Harris Nancy CHRP/DD 303-866-3278 Denver nancy.harris1@state.co.us
Hill Mollie Licensing, Hague Accreditation 303-866-7157 Ft. Logan mollie.hill@state.co.us
Hoekstra Pauline Licensing 303-866-7772 Ft. Logan pauline.hoekstra@state.co.us
Holtman Matt Red Team Specialist 303-866-4897 Denver matt.holtman@state.co.us
Johnson Andy Manager, Youth Services Unit 303-866-5139 Denver andrew.johnson3@state.co.us
Vacant Vacant Research, Evaluation, and Data Team 303-866-5976 Denver VACANT
Johnson Lori Licensing 303-801-8663 Longmont lori.johnson@state.co.us
Joseph Lee TGYS Fiscal and Contracts Spec. 303-866-5512 Denver lee.joseph@state.co.us
Judson Molly Regional Training Specialist 303-866-5995 Denver molly.judson@state.co.us
Kailasam Kavitha Tony Grampsas Youth Program Spvsr. 303-866-4188 Denver kavitha.kailasam@state.co.us
Kirsch Norm CMP/ICWA 303-866-5936 Denver norman.kirsch@state.co.us
Lawrence Debra Licensing 719-574-4491 Colo. Sprgs. debra.lawrence@state.co.us
Lopez Shawn MOE/Rates Specialist 303-866-3535 Denver shawn.lopez@state.co.us
Madura Bill Research, Evaluation, and Data 303-866-5898 Denver bill.madura@state.co.us
Martinez Jody Complaint Coordinator 303-866-4511 Denver  
Matthias Ricardo NTYD/Youth Leadership 303-866-3151 Denver ricardo.matthias@state.co.us
Mehaffey Mary Alice Associate Director, Operations 303-866-3326 Denver maryalice.mehaffey@state.co.us
VACANT VACANT Quality & Performance Improvement 303-866-4379 Denver VACANT
Minkin Marilyn Training Academy Contracts Specialist 303-866-4565 Denver marilyn.minkin@state.co.us
Mitchell Joe 24 Hour Licensing Supervisor 303-866-7925 Ft. Logan joseph.mitchell@state.co.us
Ormond Jamice Program Support 303-866-4306 Denver jamice.ormond@state.co.us
Palazzolo Adrienne 24 Hour Monitoring 303-801-8594 Colo. Sprgs. adrienne.palazzolo@state.co.us
Rodriguez Judy Associate Director, Programs & Services 303-866-4054 Denver judy.rodriguez@state.co.us
Rosemond Paige CPS Intake /  IV-E Waiver Proj. Admnstr 303-866-2866 Denver paige.rosemond@state.co.us
Russo Gretchen Manager, Permanency Unit 303-866-3197 Denver gretchen.russo@state.co.us
Scheuermann Mimi

Training Manager

303-866-5794 Denver Ann.Scheuermann@state.co.us
Schmidt Lorendia CPS Unit - CAPTA Administrator 303-866-4268 Denver lorendia.schmidt@state.co.us
Schultz Barry 24 Hour Monitoring 719-684-8578 Colo. Sprgs.  
Scott-Pencil Margaret Program Support 303-866-4224 Denver margaret.scott-pencil@state.co.us
Sewell Tiffany Permanency Roundtable 303-866-3930 Denver tiffany.sewell@state.co.us
Sleeger James (JP) Training Academy, Outcomes Evaluator 303-866-5475 Denver james.sleeger@state.co.us
Smith Chantal ICPC - Adoption IV-E Reviewer 303-866-2998 Denver chantal.smith@state.co.us
Solomon Laura Institutional Abuse Specialist 303-866-4820 Denver  
Spaulding Roni CFSR 303-866-3918 Denver roni.spaulding@state.co.us
Stuart Alexandra Contracts and Grants 303-866-4980 Denver Alexandra.Stuart@State.co.us
Sushinsky Jonathan Manager, Rrch Eval & Data Team 303-866-4322 Denver jonathan.sushinsky@state.co.us
Swenson Kerry Residential Care 303-866-4550 Denver kerry.swenson@state.co.us
Trocchia Teri 24 Hour Monitoring 303-755-0650 SE Aurora teri.trocchia@state.co.us
Trull Debbie Adoption Support 303-866-3228 Denver debora.trull@state.co.us
Tucker Susan 24 Hour Monitoring 719-579-9346 Colo. Sprgs. susan.tucker@state.co.us
Valdez Barbara CAPTA/Children’s Justice Support 303-866-4707 Denver barbara.valdez@state.co.us
Viales Linda Policy & Financial Analyst 303-866-3637 Denver linda.viales@state.co.us
Vigil Connie Adoptions 303-866-3209 Denver constance.vigil@state.co.us
Vigil Jessie Financial Unit Support 303-866-4098 Denver jessie.vigil@state.co.us
Wilkerson Monica Office Manager 303-866-4207 Denver monica.wilkerson@state.co.us
Vacant Vacant Data Management Supervisor 303-866-3446 Denver VACANT