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Forms: Alphabetical Index

Forms List

Allegation of Abuse Worksheet
Application for Services and Waiver (ICJ)
Approval of Overnight Use of State Vehicles
Authorization for Release / Request of Confidential Information
Client Manager Monitoring
Committed File Organization
Confidentiality Acknowledgment [coming soon]
Consent for Health Care (English)
Consent for Health Care (Spanish)
Consent for Service [coming soon]
Consent to Administer Immunizations
Critical Incident Report
Critical Information Advisement
Critical Stage Notification Detail
Critical Stage Notification Escape / Return to Custody Detail
Denial of Visitation
Detained Youth Consent for Health Care Services
Detained Youth Consent for Immunizations
Disclosure Statement
Educational Packet Checklist
Employee Statement of Outside Employment Activities and / or Potential Conflict of Interest
Enumerated Crimes VNOT
Executive Transfer Colorado Mental Health Institute (CMHI)
Extended Suicide Risk Assessment
Extended Suicide Risk Assessment Form Instruction Manual
Fataility Review Committee Guidelines for Recommendations
Fatality Review Report
Fire Drill Report
Fleet Management Commuting Authorization
Flex Outline
Flex Schedule Agreement
Flex Schedule Request
Food Service Employee Health and Hygiene Reporting Acknowledgement
Food Service Inspection
Food Service Work Program Application
Format for Response to Grievances
Full Disclosure [coming soon]
Grant Review
Grievance Form Reporting Chain
Health Services Consultation Report
Home Evaluation (ICJ)
Immigration and Customs Enforcement Notification (ICE)
Informed Consent [coming soon]
Instruction Manual Staff Impression Rating Scale - Revised (SIRS-R)
Juvenile Cash on Hand
Juvenile Formal Grievance
Juvenile Health and Hygiene Reporting Acknowledgement
MAYSI -2 (English) Please contact the DYC Office of Quality Assurance for the form
MAYSI -2 (Spanish) Please contact the DYC Office of Quality Assurance for the form
MAYSI - 2 & SIRS-R Decision Tree and Quick Reference Sheet
Meal Ticket Reconciliation
Media Access to Resident Consent
Medical Orders Determining Scope of Treatment
Modified Program Approval / Notification
News Media Inquiry
Notice of Intent to Submit for Grant
Notices of Service Action [coming soon]
Notification of Parole Discharge or Expiration of Sentence
Parole Data Sheet
Parole or Probation Investigation Request (ICJ)
Parole Supervision Grid
Physical Management Incident Report
Preventing Workplace Violence Model Plan
Psychiatric Inpatient Referral
Quarterly Office Fire and Safety Inspection
Quarterly or Violation Report (ICJ)
Reclassification Hearing
Reclassification Request
Referral for Release from Mittimus
Refusal Against Advice
Release / Request for Confidential Information
Religious Diet
Report of Sending State (ICJ)
Report of Unsafe Condition
Request for Involuntary Medication Hearing / Report
Request for Waiver
Requisition for Escape or Obsconder (ICJ)
Requisition to Return
SAB / VV Interpretation / Criteria Guide
SAB / VV Risk Assessment Tool (English)
Sample Confirming Memorandum
Sample Corrective Action
Sample Failure to Respond Notice
Sample Letter of Disciplinary Action
Sample Notice of an R-6-10
Seclusion Room Check Sheet
Security Level Modification
Sex Offence Specific Treatment Contract
Significiant Others Questionnaire (SOQ)
Site Visit Reporting
Staff Impression Rating Scale - Revised (SIRS-R)
Student Acceptable Use Policy for the Use of Educational Networks at DYC Facilities
Substance Abuse Consent to Treat [coming soon]
Temporary Release
Therapeutic Diet
Timeframes to Ensure Timely Notification
Time-Out / Requested Room Time
Title IV E Foster Care Eligibility (SS-9)
Title IV E Foster Care Eligibility Ongoing and Redetermination (SS-10)
Transport Request
Travel Permit (ICJ)
Victim Notification Enrollment Form VNOT (Detained)
Victim Notificaton Program Enrollment Letter VNOT (English)
Victim Notification Program Enrollment Letter VNOT (Spanish)
Victim Safety / Trauma Plan
Victims' Rights Brochure VNOT (English)
Victims' Rights Brochure VNOT (Spanish)
Voluntary Consent to Return (ICJ)
Volunteer / Intern Acknowledgement Packet
Volunteer / Intern Similar Position Information Form
Warrant Control Sheet
Weekly Fire and Safety Inspection
What You Should Know about Sexual Abuse Brochure-Juvenile (English)
What You Should Know about Sexual Abuse Brochure-Family (English)
What You Should Know about Sexual Abuse Brochure (Spanish)