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Chapter Index: State


 Chapter/Policy  Subject of Chapter/Policy
 CHAPTER 1  Administration, Organization and Management
 1.1  Legal Authority and Division Mission
 1.2  Internal and External Communications
 1.3  Admission Criteria
 1.6  Contract Programs
 1.7  Facility Planning, Reporting and Review
 1.9  Legal Representation and Assistance
 1.11  Public Information/News Media
 1.12A  Detention Victim Notification Program
 1.12B  Committed Victim Notification Program
 1.13  Employee Dress Code
 1.14  Facility Administrative and Supervisory Personnel Support
 1.15  Waivers
 1.16  Detention Capacity
CHAPTER 2   Fiscal Management
 2.1  Purchase and Lease of Computer Hardware/Software, Cellular Phones, Pagers and Two-way Radios
 2.3  Accounting for Appropriations and Expenditures of Funds
 2.4  Juvenile Trust Funds
 2.5  Juvenile Personal Funds
 2.6  Internal Control and Monitoring of Accounting Procedures
 2.7  Capital Assets Inventory Control
 2.8  Warehouse Inventory and Expendable Program Supplies
 2.9  Position Control
 2.10  Insurance Coverage
 2.12  Contracts and Grants
CHAPTER 3 Personnel
 3.1  Employee Grievances
 3.2  Membership in Employee  
 3.3  Outside Employment and Conflict of Interest
 3.4  Administering Corrective and Disciplinary Actions
 3.5  Drug Free Workplace/Substance Abuse and Tobacco Use
 3.6  Leave, Timekeeping/KRONOS, Worker's Compensation, FMLA, FLSA, Administrative Leave
 3.8  Appointing Authority
 3.9  Certification, Licensure and Letters
 3.10  Personnel Records
 3.11  Policy Manual Establishment and Maintenance
 3.12  Personnel Selection, Retention, Promotion and Layoff, Separation
 3.14  Personnel Actions Related to Alleged Child Abuse
 3.15  Client Managers/Parole Officers Carrying Badges and Dangerous Weapons
 3.18  Employee Assistance Program
 3.20  Relationships between Juvenile and Staff
 3.21  Employee Background Search, Employee Reporting
 3.25  Transitional Duty
 3.28  Violence in the Workplace and Sexual Harassment
 CHAPTER 4  Training and Staff Development
 4.1  Training Requirements-Facility Based
 4.2  Training Requirements-Non-Facility Based
 CHAPTER 5  Management Information and Research
 5.1  Colorado TRAILS Database
 5.2  Research and Evaluation
 CHAPTER 6  Juvenile Records
 6.1  Content, Use, Transfer, Security and Release of Juvenile Records
 6.2  Closed Juvenile Records
 CHAPTER 7  Physical Plant
 7.1  Existing Facility Requirements
 7.3  Building and Equipment Maintenance
 7.4  Assignment of Space
 CHAPTER 8  Safety and Emergency
 8.1  Fire Safety Inspections and Prevention
 8.2  Risk Management
 8.3  Control and Use of Flammable, Toxic and Caustic Materials
 8.5  Inclement Weather
 CHAPTER 9  Security and Control
 9.1  Perimeter Security and Security Inspections 
 9.2  Control Center
 9.3  Juvenile Supervision and Movement
 9.4  Physical Management and Security Equipment
 9.5  Count Policies and Procedures
 9.6  Shift Assignments and Shift Logs
 9.8  Reporting Critical Incidents
 9.9  Dangerous Weapons
 9.10  Key Control System
 9.11  Tools, Culinary and Medical Equipment
 9.12  Facility Emergency Plan
 9.13  Searches of Juveniles and Facilities
 9.14  Security, Assignment and Use of State Vehicles
 9.15  Transportation of Juveniles Outside of the Facility
 9.17  Reporting Child Abuse
 9.18  Two-Way Communication
 9.19  Sexual Contact Prevention
 9.20  Hospital Security
 9.22  Use of Personal Electronic Devices in Facilities
 9.23  Safe Treatment of Pregnant Females
 CHAPTER 10  Food Service
 10.2  Facility Food Service Program Management
 10.3  Menu Planning and Meal Service
 10.4  Work Experience Programs for Committed Juveniles
 10.5  Staff / Guest Meals
 10.6  Food from Outside Sources
 10.7  Food-Borne Illness Prevention and Control
 CHAPTER 11  Sanitation and Hygiene
 11.1  Housekeeping Plans and Sanitation Health Inspections
 11.2  Waste Disposal and Pest Control
 11.3  Personal Hygiene, Clothing, Bedding and Linen Supplies
 CHAPTER 12  Medical and Health Care Services
 12.1  Medical Program Administration
 12.2  Medical Supplies and Equipment
 12.3  Health Screenings, Appraisals, and Physical and Dental Examinations
 12.4  Medical Records
 12.5  Access to Medical Services
 12.6  Notification of Serious Illness or Injury
 12.7  Medical Emergency Protocol
 12.8  Medical Treatment for Injured or Ill Staff Members
 12.9  Special health Care
 12.10  Use of Pharmaceutical Products and Prohibition of Medical Experimentation or Use of Pharmaceuticals for Behavior
 12.12  Permission or Refusal of Treatment
 12.13  Fatality Procedures
 12.14  Communicable and Infectious Diseases
 12.15  Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
 12.17  Panel of Medical Consultants
 12.18  Juvenile Head Trauma Guidelines
12.19 Chronic Disease Services
 CHAPTER 13  Juvenile Rights
 13.1  Basic Rights, Responsibilities, and Access to Services
 13.2  Grievance Procedures
 13.3  Access to Courts and Council
 13.5  Rights, Responsibilities of Juvenile Regarding Personal Appearance
 13.9 Non-Discriminatory Services to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Intersex (LGBTQI) Juvenile
 CHAPTER 14  Rules and Discipline
 14.3A  Facility Rules
 14.3B  Seclusion
14.8 Time-Out
 CHAPTER 15  Mental Health Services
 15.1  Access to Psychiatric Hospitalization
 15.2  Suicide Assessment, Monitoring and Intervention
 15.3  Access to Services for the Developmentally Disabled
 15.4  Psychotropic Emergency Medications
 15.5  Substance Abuse Assessment
 15.6  Substance Abuse Services
 15.7  Substance Use Analysis and Testing
 15.8  Involuntary Medication Administration
 Supervision, Services and Documentation
 CHAPTER 16  Admission, Transfer and Release
 16.1  Admissions, Reception / Orientation
 16.2  Personal Property
 16.3  Reclassification and Transfers Within or To Secure Custody
 16.4  Release from Custody
 16.5  Discharge / Parole [new policy coming soon]
 16.7  Pre-Parole Planning [new policy coming soon]
 16.8  Restitution / Supervision Levels- Parole [new policy coming soon]
 16.9  Parole Absconding / Violating / Modification / Rev. [new policy coming soon]
 16.10  Transfer & Supervision of Interstate Compact Juveniles
 16.11  Sex Offender Registration
 16.12  Parole Release, Discharge [new policy coming soon]
 16.13  Apprehension / Field Safety [new policy coming soon]
 16.14  Committed Undocumented Juveniles
 CHAPTER 17  Programs and Services
 17.1  Scope of Programs and Serivces
 17.2  Education Program
 17.4  Library Services
 17.5  Counseling
 17.8  Educational and Career Technical Education Programs
 17.10  Recreation
 17.11  Faith / Religious Programming
 17.12  Temporary Release
 17.15  Restitution
 17.16  Juvenile Wellness Policy, Canteen Accounts and Audit of the Canteen Accounts
 17.17  Limited English Proficiency
 17.18  Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)
17.19 Room Time
 17.20 Special Management of Juveniles
CHAPTER 18 Communications: Mail, Visits, and Telephone
 18.1 Juvenile Visiting
 18.2 Juvenile Correspondence
 18.3 Telephone
CHAPTER 19 Federal Entitlement Programs
 19.1  Judicial Findings Regarding Reasonable Efforts and Eligibility Determination and Re-determination
 19.2  Juvenile Discrete Case Plans
 19.3  Administrative Review
CHAPTER 20 Citizen Involvement and Volunteers
 20.1  Volunteer / Intern Management
CHAPTER 21 Assessment and Classification
 21.1  Risk Assessment, Classification and Reclassification
 21.2  Length of Service (LOS) and Reclassification
 21.3  Juvenile Photographing and Fingerprinting
 21.4  Colorado Juvenile Risk Assessment
CHAPTER 22 Information Technology
 22.1  Use of Electronic Mail (E-mail), Use of Support of Hardware and Software, Internet / Intranet Access
 22.5  Computer Network and Internet Use in the Classroom