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13-227 Children Conceived by Rape Task Force

Task Force on Children Conceived by Rape 


Senate Bill 13-227 (Sen. Morgan Carroll and Evie Hudak/Rep. Lois Landgraf) created the Task Force on Children Conceived by Rape.

The Task Force was charged with making recommendations to the General Assembly concerning protections for rape victims and parental rights of the parties involved in cases that involve convictions, or in cases in which allegations of sexual assault have occurred that do not result in prosecution or a conviction, and a child is conceived. Specifically, the Task Force was charged with making recommendations concerning the following:

  • Processes for addressing parental rights of both parents including the termination of parental rights;

  • Court processes and thresholds for due process;

  • Unique considerations and challenges presented by cases involving domestic violence;

  • Determination of parental rights and addressed through dependency and neglect proceedings in the juvenile justice system;

  • Visitation rights of grandparents;

  • Process for obtaining consent from both parents for adoption of the child;

  • How to address child support orders and their effect on parental responsibilities;

  • Resources and training materials to train domestic relations staff in the Judicial Branch; and

  • Impact of the recommended processes on the Child Welfare System.

The Task Force formed three work groups to complete informed recommendations:

  • Child’s Rights work group

  • Victim’s Rights work group

  • Alleged Perpetrator’s Rights work group

A written report outlining the findings and recommendations of the Task Force were due December 1, 2013 to the sponsors of SB 13-227, as well as the Judiciary Committees of the House and Senate.

Below are the recommendations of the Task Force: