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Pilot Site

Jefferson County Juvenile Assessment Center, Lakewood Colorado


The Jefferson County Juvenile Assessment Center (JCJAC) is working closely with the Center for Network Development (CND) technology team to identify the necessary information for efficient and effective data exchanges in a juvenile information sharing environment. CND is working with the partnering agencies of the JCJAC and a specialized team of local agency subject matter experts to provide additional data elements; complex objects and clarification of definitions for the at-risk youth and juvenile justice data model - JJXDM. The JCJAC serves as the local pilot site to deploy and test the technical component of the JIS model.


The JCJAC and CND have just completed a mental health screening instrument data exchange between the JCJAC and its partnering agencies. This data exchange tests the data model and assists in proving the concept of using the National Information Exchange Model [NIEM] in an at-risk youth and juvenile justice environment.