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Colorado Children and Youth Information Sharing Collaborative

 Developing strategies for sharing information to make the most of services available and delivered to children, youth and families in Colorado.


State of Colorado Information Sharing Summits:

The Colorado Children and Youth Information Sharing (CCYIS) Initiative is beginning to plan for its Summits this spring/early summer.  The purpose of the Summits is to have broad discussions about why we focused on information sharing, why information sharing is important,  what we have heard from communities and agencies about barriers/concerns, what we have heard from children and families as barriers and concerns and then unveil some of the products we have created to assist you such as the information sharing release/consent form.  We hope to dispel some of the myths about information sharing, and explain what the reality is about how to share timely and accurate information in an efficient and appropriate manner using the tools we have created. These will be one day Summits. 

This tool that was created will be the departments new consent form.  Kat Foo and other CDHS leaders have been involved in the review and approval of this new tool.  You are encouraged to consider attending one of the summits if you are able.  

Colorado's Children and Youth Information Sharing (CCYIS)Initiative is gearing up for Regional Summits to be held this Spring/Summer. These Summits will be our opportunity to unveil the new standardized Authorization -Consent to Release Information form. This form was created after we heard through focus groups and meetings with parents, youth and systems professionals about the need for one release form that youth and families sign to allow for the sharing of information when they are involved in multiple systems. The CCYIS began development of the consent form and process with a legal analysis of state and federal laws guiding information sharing, such as HIPAA, FERPA,and 42 CFR.  CCYIS developed use cases (events which would trigger the need to share information) and crafted the consent form to meet legal requirements for sharing information. This form has been reviewed by the AG's office and will be available electronically for all systems to use. A pilot of the beta version of the standardized consent form is underway to identify any final adjustments needed.

The Regional Summits will be from 8:00-4:30 (lunch will be provided) and are planned for the following dates and locations:
  • April 19th Grand Junction (Western Region)
  • April 26th Jefferson County (Central Region)
  • May 15th Greeley (NE Region)
  • June 14th Adams County (Combination NE and Central Region)
  • June 21st Pueblo (Southern Region)
  • July 19th Aurora (Central Region)
All systems/initiatives which serve children, youth and families (child welfare, DYC, SB 94, CMP, TISOC, health, schools and other education professionals, juvenile assessment centers, probation, courts, mental health and substance abuse providers, GAL, CASA, district attorneys, defense, family advocate organizations, etc.) or a parent/guardian. We anticipate up to 200 attendees at each Summit.

The agenda will include: debunking myths and addressing barriers regarding information sharing, what is FERPA, HIPAA, 42 CFR and what are the laws about sharing information, presenting the legal matrix (which lists and links to all pertinent laws regarding information sharing), and unveiling and training on the standardized Authorization -Consent to Release Information form. The Summits will end discussing how participants can work together on implementing information sharing and use of the form in their individual communities.

Click on the Link below to Register!! Space is limited so register early.

If you have any questions about the Summits, email us atinfo@ccyis.org.

Thank you for your interest in information sharing and we look forward to seeing you at the Summits.

CCYIS Membership



The Colorado Children and Youth Information Sharing (CCYIS) is a collaborative effort initiated by the Colorado Collaborative Management Program State Steering Committee and the Colorado Prevention Leadership Council in 2007.


In early 2008, the executive directors of five state departments, the commissioner of education and the state court administrator, signed an MOU that included a commitment to work collaboratively on implementing the Guidelines for Juvenile Information Sharingand the formation of the Colorado Children and Youth Information Sharing Collaborative.


In late 2008, the Colorado Children and Youth Information Sharing (CCYIS) initiative became linked with the larger data sharing and data protocol initiative of the Governor’s Office of Information Technology. Currently, the CCYIS is one of three major information sharing initiatives linked with the Governor’s OIT and will be in regular communication with the newly established Government Data Advisory Board.


The CCYIS Collaborative was inaugurated in April 2009 with representatives of five state departments, county representatives, a family advocacy organization, and youth representatives. The Collaborative meets monthly and has completed the first 8 of 48 guidelines as of September 2009.


The Center for Network Development (CND) is working with the CCYIS on the development of governance structures, implementation strategies and privacy and confidentiality policies for juvenile information sharing. The CCYIS will represent the state level site for the project and will be providing promising practices and lessons learned to other JIS Pilot sites.



CCYIS Briefing



CCYIS Background and Purpose



National Juvenile Information Sharing Initiative



Colorado Prevention Leadership Council


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