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Residential Care

What is Residential care?

Residential care provides rehabilitative services, which can include mental health treatment, to youth placed in out of home care.  Rehabilitative Services are a benefit statewide when provided in accordance with the provisions in Volume 8 Rules, Section 8.765.  Rehabilitative Services are defined as those service which are recommended by a licensed practitioner, as defined in 26-4-527, C.R.S., will assist individuals eligible under the state plan, and restore a recipient to his or her best possible functional level.

24/7 Child Care Providers: Effective immediately, please report Critical Incidents (CIRS) to cdhs_childcare_CIRS@state.co.us

RCCF and PRTF rates list- The Vendor Rate List is a comprehensive list of daily rates set for each Residential  Program.

CCAR Form 


The Colorado Client Assessment Record (CCAR) is used to determine medical necessity for Residential clients, who are receiving mental health services.  CCAR's will be completed by the providing agency.

Additional Information:

General Information on Medicaid and Health Care Policy and Financing--www.chcpf.state.co.us