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Colorado Trails User Group

The County Trails User Group (CTUG) was formed in July 2002 as a replacement to the Trails County Implementation Task Force.  This group was formed at the suggestion of the State and the director's association and meets on a monthly basis (currently the fourth Friday of each month).  Official CTUG members must be appointed by the director of their respective county.  The primary responsibilities and objectives of CTUG are as follows:

  • Provide counties a forum to raise questions/concerns regarding Trails and give input from a county perspective to the State Trails Team regarding Trails issues/problems

  • Review and prioritize all Trails enhancement or modification requests.

  • Promote County-specific needs related to Trails use.

  • Clarify and resolve policy and practice issues related to the use of Trails.

  • Participate in "design sessions" and testing of enhancements to the Trails application.