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ICWA Tribal Contacts

ICWA Tribal Contacts

For the complete, annual update on tribal leader contact information for federal recognized American Indian/ Alaska Native Tribes see the following web pages.







Tribal Listing
Please feel free to download a full Tribal Listing in detail. This tribal contact information as of January 17 1, 2014 Federal Register is presented in two formats:

  1. The first format lists designated Tribal agents by region and alphabetically by Tribe within each region.
  2. The second format is a table that lists designated Tribal agents alphabetically by the Tribal affiliation (first listing American Indian Tribes, then listing Alaska Native Tribes).

Each format also lists the Bureau of Indian Affairs contact(s) for each of the twelve regions.


If you have questions regarding ICWA, please contact Norman Kirsch at 303-866-5936.


revised 08/24/2012