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ICPC Forms


Interstate Compact Handbook

This handbook is provided to assist CaseWorkers, Supervisors, and County ICPC Liaisons, in the proper implementation of the ICPC.


The ICPC form 100A is used to request approval to place a child out-of-state. 

ICPC100A Instructions

ICPC100A Interstate Compact Request Form


The ICPC 100B form is used to notify the ICPC office about the status of the placement and Compact Termination. 

ICPC100B Instructions

ICPC100B Interstate Compact Report on Child's Placement Status Form


The ICPC 101 form is used to notify the receiving state that a Regulation VII, priority placement of a child is being requested.

ICPC 101 Instructions

ICPC 101 Sending State Priority Home Study Request Form



ICPC Supervision Reports

 ICPC Supervision Report - 30 Day

 ICPC Supervision Report - 90 Day 



For information on ICPC, please contact Chantal Smith at 303-866-2998.

revised 2/22/2011