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Rate Negotiation

Subject to available appropriations, a county negotiates provider rates by either a request for proposal process or other methodology that is submitted at least annually to and approved by the state and includes the following.

1.     The instrument(s) that will be used to identify and document the needs of the child.
2.     The process for documentation of provider participation and agreement regarding:
a.             The needs of the child and the services that are going to be delivered.
b.             Services that will be provided for the payment.
c.             Outcomes to be achieved
3.     The county’s policy for:
a.     Determining the timeframes for negotiation or re-negotiation of rates, services, and outcomes.
b.     Discussion of legislated provider rate increases in negotiation or re-negotiation of rates services, and outcomes.
c.     Actions to be taken if services are not delivered or outcomes are not met.