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Institutional Abuse Review Team

The Institutional Abuse Review Team (IART) meets monthly to review reports of investigations of abuse and neglect in 24 hour out of home child-care settings.  The team reviews an average of 600 reports a year.

The Institutional Abuse Team Reviews each investigation and makes recommendations regarding follow-up on the investigation with the facility.  The 24-hr Monitoring Team is a member of IART and as such this team follows up with corrective action or further investigations on cases identified by IART.  As a result, facilities that were unsafe have been closed and there has been corrective action in other facilities.  The monitoring team has improved the quality of care provided in these facilities.  The Institutional abuse Team provides yearly training to caseworkers that are charged with the responsibility of conducting investigations of abuse or neglect in out-of-home care.

CDHS Volume VII Rules related to Institutional abuse and Neglect Investigations can be found under 7.202.55 Institutional Abuse and Neglect Investigations [Rev. eff. 11/1/08].

If you have questions about the Institutional Abuse Review Team, please contact Laura Solomon at 303-866-4820.