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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I leave my kids alone?

Click here to get the answer to this question.


Where do I report child abuse or neglect?

Please report abuse or neglect to your local county department of social services.  Their phone number can be located by clicking on this link- County Listings.  If this is after normal business hours and/or is an emergency please call 911.


How do I know if the summer heat is too hot for my child? Are there guidelines regarding the dangers of the summer heat?

Yes, refer to our information and safety tips regarding summer dangers....children and heat exposure in vehicles. Please take a moment to read this information.  Do not leave your children in the car without an adult.


I have a question about Colorado's Child Restraint Law , can you help?

For information about Colorado's Child Restraint Law, please contact the Colorado Child Passenger Safety Program 303-239-4625 or 877-LUV-TOTS.


What is 2-1-1?

2-1-1 is an easy to remember telephone number that, where available, connects people with important community services and volunteer opportunities. The implementation of 2-1-1 is being spearheaded by United Way and comprehensive and specialized information and referral agencies in states and local communities. United Way of America (UWA) and the Alliance for Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) strongly support federal funding so that every American has access to this essential service. For more information visit the website at: www.211.org


I have a complaint against a county child welfare (Child Protection) worker.  To whom do I complain?

First speak with the worker's supervisor.  If this does not yield a satisfactory answer then speak with the child welfare administrator or the county director.  Each county also has (by statute), a Citizen Review Panel.  If you have not been satisfied after speaking with the supervisor, administrator or director you may request a hearing before the county Citizen Review Panel.  This must be requested from the county, not the state, and you may find your local county phone number by clicking on the county listings.  Each County has procedures for requesting these hearing so you must check with the county on how to go about this.


I work but cannot afford health insurance for my children.  Is there an agency that can help?

Please click on this Link and you will get the list of agencies that may be able to help.


I need help with assistance such as welfare, food stamps, rent, utilities etc.  Where do I go?

Call your local department of social services.  Their phone number can be located at County Links.


I have a custody issue with my ex- spouse and my children, can you help?

Call your local Legal Services or the Metro Volunteer Lawyers.  The main number in Colorado for their services is 303-837-1313, or click here for their web page.  Another listing for legal resources may be found at the 2004 Legal Resources Directory.


I am a caseworker from a state other than Colorado and we are currently investigating an incident of abuse/neglect on an individual who came from your state.  How do I get the information I need?

  1. If it is for employment, adoption or foster/kinship care find out where the individual lived here in Colorado and refer to the county.
  2. If the out-of-state request involves an investigation of child abuse and/or neglect the following process applies:
    • Fax CDHS a copy of your request on official letterhead.  Include the individual name(s), date of birth, social security number and names of family members. Fax Number:  303.866.3240
    • Include with the fax a copy of your official picture identification (ID)
    • Address the fax to Dot Hughes Werth


I have been adopted and want to find my birth parents.  How do I do this?

Contact Deb Trull at 303-866-3228 to find out how to search.


I am interested in becoming a foster or adoptive parent can you help me?

Contact your local county department and they will provide you information on becoming a foster or adoptive parent for the county.  If you are interested in international adoption or children from other states contact Colorado's licensed adoption agencies.


I have re-married and my husband wants to adopt the children from my previous marriage.  What do we do?

Step-parent adoptions are done through the court.  Contact the district court where you live and ask for an adoption petition for a step-parent adoption.  Complete the forms and file them with the court.


I placed a child for adoption 20 years ago and would like to find her/him.  How can I do this?

Contact Deb Trull at 303-866-3228 to find out how to search.


I was adopted and would like to obtain medical information on my birth family.  How can I do this?

If you were adopted through a county department of social/human services, the state office can tell you how to obtain our non-identifying information, which includes medical information if it is available.  Contact Deb Trull at 303-866-3228.

If you were adopted through a private adoption agency such as Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, etc. you must to contact the agency directly for information regarding your adoption.


Where can I find out if a day care agency is licensed?

See the Division of Child Care website by clicking here.  Or you may call 303-866-5958 or 1-800-799-5876.


Who do I talk to about Child Support?

See the Child Support web site by clicking here. Or you may call 303-866-4300.


I have an adolescent that is beyond my control.  Where do I find help?

Call your local Department of Social Services.  Their phone number can be located at County Listings.


Revised 09/11/2012