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Child Welfare Services


Program Description

Child Welfare is a division located in the Office of Children, Youth and Family Services. It consists of a group of services intended to protect children from harm and to assist families in caring for and protecting their children. Taken together, these programs comprise the main thrust of Colorado’s effort to meet the needs of children who must be placed or are at risk of placement outside of their homes for reasons of protection or community safety. These appropriations fulfill the State’s obligation to fund these services which it mandates the counties to provide, and to generate match and maintenance of effort for federal funding. The delivery of Child Welfare Services in Colorado is primarily a state-supervised, county administered system.

We focus on:

  • Safety
  • Permanency
  • Well-Being

Services Include:

  • Child Protection and Support
    • Safety Needs and Risk Assessments
    • Family Services Plans
  • Permanency Programs
    • Core services - therapies and services for members of the family
    • Adoption
    • Foster Parent Recruitment and Retention
    • Adolescent Programs
  • Out-of-Home Services
    • Kinship and Foster Care Homes
    • Developmental Disabilities and Child Habilitation
    • Therapeutic Residential Care
    • Psychiatric Residential Care

If you have questions about any of the services we provide, please contact us at 303-866-5932 or by e-mail.