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Memorandum of Agreement


Memorandum of Agreement 
Department of State Designates 
Colorado’s Department of Human Services  
As An Accrediting Entity for Inter-Country Adoption Service Providers


The Colorado Department of Human Services signed an agreement with the Department of State under the Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000 (IAA) to become the first designated Accrediting Entity of Adoption Service Providers.   The Memorandum of Agreement, was signed by Maura Harty, Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs, Department of State on June 29, 2006 and Marva Livingston Hammons, Executive Director, Department of Human Services, State of Colorado on June 14, 2006.  This agreement is published in the Federal Register (Volume 71, Number 129, Page38442-38446).  The text of the agreement can be found at www.regulations.gov.  The Department of State website atwww.travel.state.gov also links to the Federal Registry.


The Colorado Department of Human Services will be accepting applications for accreditation from licensed child placement agencies located in Colorado.  The Council On Accreditation (COA) will be the national accrediting entity that will accept applications on a nationwide basis.


The Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Care has received applications for accreditation for the Hague Convention for Intercountry Adoption from 12 licensed child placement agencies in Colorado.  These applications were received prior to the Transitional Application Deadline of November 17, 2007. 


To accredit agencies the Colorado Department of Human Services will use the standards established in 22CFR Part 96, the Final Rule on Accreditation of Agencies and Approval of Persons Under the Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000.  Agencies will need to demonstrate that they are in substantial compliance with the standards in the Final Rule.


Memorandum of Agreement signed June 14, 2006  

Extension of Memorandum of Agreement signed January 6, 2011

Revised 07.25.2013