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CBC Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Criminal Background Check Unit and the Records and Reports?

The Criminal Background Check Unit is a part of the Division of Child Care and provides fingerprint-based criminal background check information to childcare facilities licensed through the Department of Human Services, Division of Child Care.


Records and Reports formerly known as Central Registry uses an automated database called TRAILS to provide records of confirmed incidents of child abuse and neglect from a variety of sources in Colorado. The Records and Reports is a civil, rather than a criminal, tracking tool and individuals do not have to be charged or convicted of a crime in order to be listed in TRAILS. Records and Reports is managed by the Office of Performance Improvement, Background Investigations Unit.


Although the form used by Records and Reports is called the Background Inquiry form, it is independent from CBC. Both checks are currently required to be employed or operate a licensed facility in the State of Colorado but they are independent of each other.


What information does a criminal background check consist of?

Criminal history data is based on fingerprint submissions from law enforcement agencies within the State of Colorado. Information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be included if the appropriate fees have been paid to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation or the Division of Child Care.


Where can I obtain fingerprint cards?

Fingerprint cards can be obtained through:

Colorado State Forms and Publication Center
4999 Oakland Street
Denver, Colorado 80239

Phone number: 303-320-1050


An Order Form is also available by clicking here.


How do I fill out the fingerprint card?

Please follow the link to see the complete list of instructions for completing the fingerprint card.


If I am leaving one licensed facility to work in another licensed facility, do I need to be re-fingerprinted?

Yes, you do need to be re-fingerprinted. Go to the transfer process page to learn more about the transfer process.


What is a disposition and how do I obtain one?

A disposition is the final outcome of a court case.


To obtain a disposition, contact the court in which the case was heard and ask them for a certified copy of the disposition. You will need to give the court clerk the case number of the specific court case or provide your name, Social Security number and Date of Birth.


To obtain a listing of court addresses and phone numbers go to:



Why do several different people ask me for the dispositions for charges?

The CBC Unit acts as an information- gathering unit only. They do not provide disposition copies to any other unit. They do provide them with the outcome of the court case but they may need to see additional information provided on the final disposition copy to make a licensing decision.


How long does the background check process take?

Times vary according to what information is being requested and the number of charges involved. On average, it takes 4-8 weeks to gather all background information.