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CBC for Child Care Providers

A criminal background check is required for the following individuals:


  • Every applicant for an original license
  • Every adult (18 or older) who resides at a licensed facility
  • Every adult hired by a licensed facility


Each of these individuals must submit a complete set of fingerprints taken by a qualified law enforcement agency to perform a criminal record check by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The same card is used for both the CBI and FBI criminal record checks.



The exceptions are defined in Section 7.701.33 B of Colorado's General Rules For Child Care Facilities.


Submitting the Fingerprint Cards
  • Requests for a criminal record check must be submitted to the CBI within 5 days of an employee’s first day of employment at the facility.
  • Family child care homes submit their fingerprint cards, along with their application and the licensing, CBI fees and FBI fees, to the Division of Child Care.
  • All other child care facilities can submit their fingerprint cards directly to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation at 690 Kipling Street, Ste. 3000, Denver, Colorado 80215.
  • Facilities that establish an account with CBI send no money when submitting the fingerprint cards to CBI. They are billed monthly for any fingerprint card processed within the month.
  • Payment of the fee for the criminal record check is the responsibility of the individual being checked or the home, center, facility, or agency.

FBI Background Checks

House Bill 11-1145 passed in the 2011 session of the Colorado Legislature, mandates that all employees hired on or after August 10, 2011 at any licensed child care facility, except summer camps operating for less than 90 calendar days, shall complete a FBI background check in addition to the CBI, TRAILS, and ICON background checks currently required by law. The additional fee for an FBI background check is $22.00. Providers or prospective employess will submit their fingerprint card through the normal  procedure, but will attach the additional fee.


Employees or Volunteers Moving from One Child Care Facility to Another

The employees or volunteers moving from one child care facility to another are defined in Section 7.701.33 D of Colorado's General Rules For Child Care Facilities. 

House Bill 11-1102 passed in the 2011 session of the Colorado Legislature, creates limited portability of criminal background checks in limited circumstances, which became effective on August 10, 2011.


You may obtain new fingerprint cards from:

Colorado State Forms and Publications Center
4999 Oakland Street
Denver, CO 80239
Phone# 303-370-2165
Fax: 303-320-1050


The order form is also available by clicking here.


Access to Results of Criminal Background Checks

Results of criminal record checks must be maintained at the child care facility and must be available for review upon request by a licensing specialist.