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DYC Director

                                                                     John Gomez, Director


John Gomez is the Director of the Colorado Division of Youth Corrections (DYC), which is a Division within the Colorado Department of Human Services. John was appointed Director of DYC in February 2005. He began his 20-year career in State service as a Senior Analyst with the Colorado General Assembly’s Joint Budget Committee, where he worked for more than six years. In that capacity, John was afforded a unique view of State Government, and worked on budget and policy issues related to the Department of Corrections, the Judicial Department, Public Health programs, and numerous Human Services programs, including the Division of Youth Corrections. In July of 1996, John moved to the Department of Human Services’ Budget Office, where he managed the DYC budget. In March of 1998, he was appointed Associate Director for the Division of Youth Corrections and since that time, has been instrumental in overseeing many program improvements in the Division, and has effectively advocated for resources to serve the DYC detained and committed populations. As Director, John has led a major reform effort in the State’s commitment system, leveraging evidence-based principles and practices, and developing a sophisticated continuum of treatment services that has helped produce a dramatic decrease in the Division’s commitment population, as well as significant savings to the State’s General Fund budget. John is currently Vice President of the Board of Directors for the National Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators.