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The Division of Youth Corrections (DYC) provides residential services to detained and committed youth in either State operated secure programs, State owned private operated programs, or private contract placements.


State Operated Facilities

Includes: Adams, Gilliam, Grand Mesa, Lookout Mountain, Marvin W. Foote, Mount View, Platte Valley, Pueblo, Spring Creek, and Zebulon Pike Youth Services Centers

Contract Facilities

Includes all State owned-privately operated facilities and private contract facilities



State Operated Detention Facilities

The Division of Youth Corrections is responsible for State operated detention and for privately contracted staff-secure detention. Four State owned and operated facilities serve only detention youth; the Gilliam Youth Services Center in Denver, the Adams Youth Services Center in Brighton, the Pueblo Youth Services Center in Pueblo and the Marvin W. Foote Youth Services Center in Englewood. Four secure State operated facilities are multi-purpose, serving detention and committed youth. These four facilities include the Platte Valley, Grand Mesa, and Spring Creek facilities, as well as the Mount View Youth Services Center in Denver.

State Operated Secure Treatment Programs

Two of the Division of Youth Corrections secure facilities, Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center and Zeb Pike Youth Services Center, serve committed youth exclusively. These programs are designed to treat the highest risk, highest need committed males. The Division also operates four multi-purpose facilities that, in addition to acting as juvenile detention facilities, provide longer term treatment to committed youth.

State Owned Privately Operated Facilities

Colorado contracts with private providers to operate three State owned facilities, the Ridge View Youth Services Center, the Betty K. Marler Youth Services Center and the Robert E. Denier Youth Services Center. Ridge View is a 500 bed open campus designed to operate with an academic/vocational focus. The Betty Marler program is a 40 bed program for the Division’s highest risk and highest need girls. Robert E. Denier is a multi-purpose facility located in Durango. The program provides detention and treatment for committed boys and girls.

Private Contract Programs

DYC contracts with a variety of private providers for community programs that range from staff-secure treatment programs to foster homes licensed through the State. Placement alternatives include TRCCF level (Therapeutic Residential Child Care Facilities), RCCF (Residential Child Care Facilities), Group home and foster homes. These programs act both as initial treatment programs and as transition placements for youth moving from more secure settings. In addition, these programs may also focus on specific populations or the provision of specific services, such as treating youth with high mental health needs, pregnant girls, or youth transitioning to independent living.