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Reports and Evaluations: The Division of Youth Corrections Research and Evaluation Unit compiles and analyzes data on such topics as recidivism, detention and commitment population, and other topic areas as requested by the Colorado General Assembly. The intent of these reports is to aid in the overall planning, development, and evaluation of programs and services designed to reduce juvenile crime.

DYC Policies: A comprehensive listing of the Division of Youth Corrections Policies. Policies can be searched by chapter or by using an A-Z search by topic.

Audit Standards: Utilizing the audit standards, and involving every aspect of the program’s operation, the Division of Youth Corrections Quality Assurance team completes a comprehensive assessment of residential facilities and regional offices.

Newsletters: The Division of Youth Corrections publishes a quarterly newsletter. The newsletter focuses on topics about youth, employees, partnerships, initiatives and rotating topics such as legislation and budget.

Helpful Websites: Website quick links are available for organizations focusing on services to youth.


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